10 DIY Sponge Filter Ideas To Make From Home

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Sponge filters create an aisle for the metabolism of waste inside your aquarium and provide your fish with healthy water. You just have to create one! We compiled a list of DIY sponge filter ideas that you can DIY from the comfort of your home.

Is it difficult to make a DIY sponge filter? No, it isn’t. In fact, this is one of the easiest DIY guides we have written about. With the required materials and tools handy, you should be done making any of this in no time.

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1. DIY Simple PVC Sponge Filter for Aquariums!

Did you know PVC sponge filters are not toxic to your fish? That’s the more reason you need this simple and cheap filter in your aquarium. It is made from PVC pipe, end caps, hot glue, multipurpose sponge, air tube, aquarium air pump, and drill.

Make some deep cuts and holes on the PVC pipe, then insert the multipurpose sponge from the bottom. Make a hole in one of the end caps and pass the air tube attachment half in and pour hot glue. Pass the air tube attached to the bottom and fit the end caps. Supply air to the pipe and you’re good to go!

2. DIY Sponge Filter

The simplicity of this sponge filter can’t be compared to another. It is made from ¾” PVC pipe, airline tubing, air stone, air pump, sponge, and water bottle cap. Measure the height of your aquarium and cut the pipe a little shorter than the height of the aquarium. Put the pipe inside the song and measure how deep the pipe goes. Mark a line above where the sponge is and drill 20-30 holes below that line. These holes will be at the end of the pipe that will go down the sponge.

Drill a larger hole above the line for the airline tubing. Make sure the hole is not too large for air to escape into the filter. Insert the airline tubing through the larger holes until it comes out of the end pipe. Attach an air stone and pull it back into the pipe until it sits just above the line the sponge is.

Insert the end pupe into the home in the sponge and attach the other end of the airline tubing to the air pump. Plug the air pump and your filter is ready for work.

3. How To Make A DIY Sponge Filter

In making this amazing sponge filter, you need an air pump, silicone, airline tubing, cable ties, air stone, and sponges. Make a hole on the sponge and pass the airline tubing through it then, hook the other end of the airline tubing with the air pump. The air from the air pump will trickle up from the middle of the sponge and attract waste. But if you are using a large tank, you can use cable ties to bind two sponges together for effective work.

4. Cheap DIY Sponge Filter

Here’s another DIY sponge filter guide, you will need. 20-30 PPI sponge, ¾ inch PVC pipe (to allow easy slide-in of air stone), 90-degree elbow, air stone, and ceramic tiles are the materials needed for this filter. Pick the ceramic tiles that have the same size as your sponge and have the same color as your aquarium.

Make a hole at the center of the sponge for the PVC pipe to fit in snugly. Silicone the bottom cap to the ceramic tile. Mark the area around the PVC just above the sponge and drill multiple holes from below the mark for the water to be sucked into the sponge directly. Make a hole on top of the elbow and assemble everything.

5. Homemade Sponge Filter

Use a ceramic tile or aquarium glass for the base, a PVC pipe, air pump, and air tubing. Silicone the PVC cap on the ceramic tile and let it dry for 24 hours. Fit the pipe into the cap and drill some holes around the pipe some inches above the cap level. Fit the air tubing to the air pump and for the other end into the hole on the pipe just below the song and above the cap (you can put some silicone to hold the tube in place firmly). Fit the elbow on top of the poor and you have your filter intact.

6. DIY Sponge Filter For Cheap

There are two options in building this DIY sponge filter. You can use a black irrigation pipe and coupler or PVC pipe and PVC cap. For PVC, fit the PVC cap to the PVC pipe and drill holes around the place where the sponge will sit. Pass your sponge down the line and drill another hole at the top of the pipe for the tubing, then, attach your air stone to the end of the tubing and pass it down the pipe as deep as possible. For black irrigation pipe, fit the coupler into the pipe, silicone it, and pass your tubing through the pipe.

7. Homemade Sponge Filter

In making this sponge filter, the materials needed include a soda bottle, cotton fiber, water hose, and gravel.

Remove the label of the bottle and make holes around it for easy passage of water. Make a hole at the center of the bottle cap to fit the site hose, then make small holes around the cap for easy passage of air. Put the gravel inside the bottle. Cut the fiber into small pieces and put them into the bottle as well, put more gravel on top of the cotton fiber and cover it with the bottle cap and air hose.

8. How To Make A Sponge Filter For Your Aquarium

Do you want something simple and cool for your aquarium filter? This amazing sponge filter is for you. It is made from a square sponge, air stone, tubing, and pipe.

Get a square sponge and hang it at one corner of your aquarium. Fit the pipe and tubing to it and make sure they are both below the water level. Drop-in your air stone and plug the air pump and beautifully your filter starts working.

9. Sponge Filter DIY For Aquarium

The materials needed for this sponge filter are soldering iron, sewing string, scissors, water hose, and aquarium sponge Use a soldering iron to drill holes all around the bottle, use the sewing string as a measuring tale to cut the water hose, and drill a hole on the bottle cap just big enough for the hose.

Wrap the aquarium sponge around the world drilled bottles and bind them with sewing strings. Add pebbles stone inside the bottle and cover it with the bottle cap. Remember to use protective gears when handling the soldering iron.

10. How To Make A Sponge Filter

This sponge filter is among the easiest DIY sponge filters out there because it is made from already drilled and carbonated sponge, gravel filter tubing, PVC pipe, and air tubing.

Use the sponge cap to cork one end of the gravel filter tubing and stuck it down the hole on the sponge. Pass a PVC pipe on the tubing and place it inside your aquarium.


That’s a wrap on this DIY sponge filter ideas article. Have you found a project you would like to make? If yes, tell us which project you picked and why, the comments section is open for discussion. Also, someone else might need this information, you can make it reach them by sharing this article with your family and friends across social media platforms.

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