1350 Cabela Dr, Sun Prairie, WI

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“In the back right corner of the store they’ve got an entire room of markdown items.” in 3 reviews

“Nonetheless, the store is quite organized by outdoor activities, such as camping and fishing with a wide selection of items to check out.” in 2 reviews

“The firearm portion of the store has a wide selection of handguns, rifles, shotguns and tactical weapons.” in 2 reviews

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  • 6/13/2020

    Originally, I called this Cabela’s looking for a specific firearm and they didn’t have it, so I went to another store further away. That store turned out to be a bust. I went online and found another semi-automatic that I wanted and had it shipped to this location. The gun arrived early along with its ammunition.

    I went in to sign paperwork and do the background check (handgun) and was helped by Nick at the firearm counter. He was awesome — friendly and helpful. He was great with customer service and spent the time we needed to get everything squared away. He was thorough and explained everything to me clearly, answering all my questions. It was a very pleasant trip! The background check cleared within a day and I was grateful that Cabela’s takes the care to keep Wisconsin safe but also allow people to obtain firearms.
    Meanwhile, my husband took his fishing pole to be strung over in the fishing department. A young guy helped him out, just for the cost of the line. It’s awesome that Cabela’s offers this service because other stores will not. It’s one of the only places we’ve found that does it — we had this pole sitting around for a year unstrung.
    This store was clean, had a great selection of everything we were looking for and I appreciated my experience at their store. Prices were more than fair on firearms, fishing gear and women’s clothing. We would return in the future!

  • 7/6/2022Updated review

    It’s been awhile since I last reviewed Cabela’s and forgot that they merged with Pro Bass since then. Some products have the Pro Bass logos on them and some don’t. I was disappointed that the items I was looking for were out of stock and many of the shelves are empty. I guess they have supply problems just like everyone else even with the merger. There’s still plenty of merchandise just not what I needed. The store clerks were around and one even asked me if I needed help! Wow, I’m glad we have the store here It just seems that they are always out of what I’m looking for. Like most places masks are no longer needed and there are no wipes anywhere. The water supply over the sinks in the mens room said “out of order” as well. Not good. Still like stopping in here but a little disappointed to leave empty handed.

    9/4/2021Previous review

    Here I am, back at Cabela’s, over a year since my last review. Since then, we almost beat the Covid thing but now it’s back with Dane county leading the way in infections. Masks are mandatory in this area but not at Cabela’s. It’s just like it was. No masks no social distancing. Maybe ten percent of the customers had masks but I didn’t see any employees with one. It was crowded with the long weekend coming up and I was amazed at the lack of concern over the new Delta outbreak. After a quick look around for an item, that they were out of, I left. Will not be returning soon. Not worth the risk.

    5/8/2020Previous review

    I am rating Cabela’s this time on just how they are handling the CV19 crisis in store. They somehow never closed and I have heard it was because they sell guns. A Critical commodity to some. Regardless here is what I saw today.

    All entrance doors are closed except the one by the” ice shanty” the sign said. You must enter there. Well guess what? The season has changed. There was no ice shanty so you had to sort of check each door to find the main one. You must enter there and when you check out, I was told, I had to go back to that door to leave as well. The old exit doors are right in front of the check out lanes. It made no sense. They funnel all customers coming and going into the same doorway. No social distancing there. It gets worse. All of the customer service people working here that I saw had no protective equipment on. No masks or gloves. I would also say 90 percent of the customers had no PPE as well. I wore my mask and gloves and got strange looks from some of the people. It was like going back six months ago before the virus. Everyone looked like they did then. The good old days. The only change I saw was the cashier’s station. It had a Plexiglas shield between me and the cashier. That was all. If you go to Costco, Menards or Target ,masks are required for both customers and employees. Cabala’s is a huge chain with lots of stores so I don’t get it. They need to get with the program to protect their people and customers before something really bad happens. Be prepared if you go there. (still like the store though). Bring hand sanitizer as well. I did not see any.

  • 6/3/2022

    The family and I love Cabela’s. All the Knowledgeable staff are awesome and friendly lots of cool camping gear and sportsman stuff. If only I had the money to buy all the things there that I dream about owning.

  • 12/10/2021

    I went into the store and there were a ton of people not wearing masks (even though there is a mask mandate in place during a pandemic). After leaving, I called the store and spoke to the manager (Tricia) who was not helpful and very rude. She informed me that it is company policy to not enforce the mask mandate that is in place. Clearly they do not care about the health, safety, or welfare of their customers. Would not go here again.

  • 2/1/2022

    My favorite part is not having to wear a useless mask. Plus they sell Black Rifle Coffee!

  • 11/10/2017

    I really, really didn’t expect to like this store. I am not outdoorsy, every fishing rod looks exactly the same to me, the chances of me owning a gun or hunting knife are about zero, and ditto on owning anything with a camo print. So how did they earn five stars? Because they do what they set out to do impeccably and provide one of the most pleasant shopping experiences regardless of what they sell.

    First, the store is always in perfect condition. Racks and shelves are tidy, everything always appears fully stocked, bathrooms are clean, and I’ve never seen so much as a gum wrapper on the floor. The store is brightly lit and care was taken in the design. The waterfall and canned animal sounds make you feel closer to nature than you should in a warehouse-sized store and the menagerie of taxidermied animals are displayed tastefully in natural tableaus similar to what you may find in a natural history museum.
    For clothes, they have oversized rooms to try on your wares that provide privacy and don’t require a hike across the store to find. In the shoe department there’s a rocky incline you can test footwear on so you can get an idea of cushioning and grip.
    While browsing I’ve been greeted but never approached by salespeople; they’re always around and super helpful if you have a question or need assistance, but they don’t bother you or try to up-sell you while you’re looking around.
    The items at Cabela’s can be a little pricy, but they seem well constructed and meant for real use. I’ve gotten a couple of sporty dresses I love on clearance and recently utilized their free site-to-store shipping for a cozy cardigan that I’ve looked at every time I’ve been in the store but hadn’t pulled the trigger on until they were nearly sold out and didn’t have my size.
    In the back right corner of the store they’ve got an entire room of markdown items. Prices are already reduced, and if they’re stamped with a colored “C” there is an additional discount up to 40% off the discounted price. Blue antlers mean the item is half off and as far as it will be marked down. My boyfriend just bought two pairs of work boots for less than the price of one, which was a pretty sweet deal.
    The only place I can offer a point for improvement is the checkout lines; they tend to be long and slow moving. Even when multiple registers are open it still seems to take forever. I’m not sure if it’s just due to inexperienced cashiers, regulations on the types of items they sell (like crossbows and rifles), or a combination of the two. Either way, some continued training for checkout staff probably wouldn’t hurt.
    I didn’t think I’d look forward to my outings to a sporting goods store, but truth is I don’t mind poking around when my jig-tying angler boyfriend wants to go.

  • 7/7/2017

    First time walking into a Cabela’s, and it feels like a treasure hunt looking for supplies to go fishing this weekend. I’m picking up a new rod and some fish bait. There’s quite the selection here and it can get overwhelming since I’ve never gone fishing before, so I’m just following my boyfriend’s lead on supplies to get.

    Nonetheless, the store is quite organized by outdoor activities, such as camping and fishing with a wide selection of items to check out. The entrance was very neat, pleasantly scented, and lots of fun decorations all around. There’s also plenty of outdoor clothes and almost anything and everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors!
    Swing on by and check out this awesome selection and see if Cabela has what you need for your next great outdoor adventure! Who knows maybe you might just sign up for a membership card and get some awesome rewards in the meantime!

  • 9/4/2020

    I was pretty excited to have a Cabela’s so close by after moving here.

    It only took a few visits for me to completely disregard this store for any gun purchases. The first few times I went I was just browsing but the place was well staffed and I was getting help immediately. They even allowed me to grip a few handguns and a rifle.
    However, a few months later I returned to actually buy one. It took almost an hour to get help, and due to the time of the day, the background check would have to wait until the next day. I got that all filled out and left. Four days later. No call. When I called, I was told they would call. A day later, called, still nothing. Fed up, I went in to cancel the order. Funny enough. It had been ready for a few days. No call, and whenever I did call, they couldn’t even bother to check
    Fast forward to a few more visits, and the gun counter service is just getting worse and worse. Even online. The website allowed me to order something to send to the store. Yet hours later, the order is cancelled because it’s not in stock
    Their website isn’t even updating itself in time! This place is garbage

  • 12/19/2018

    I continue to be underwhelmed by this store. Selection is good but the customer experience is horrible. In my last 3 visits here is whats gone wrong.

    1. Went to buy scope rings for my sons rifle and asked for help. Salesman gave me what I needed (he thought). Paid and went home . Find out they are completely wrong even though I told him the rifle model and the scope.
    2. Went to return the rings and had to take a gift card even though I had the receipt.
    3. Went to buy a scope today for my godson and waited 15 minutes even though I knew exactly what I wanted. The only salesman around was too busy with someone else while 4 of us waited. I walked out buying nothing.
    I guess it will be Gander or Fleet Farm until this improves. Sorry Cabela’s, you lost out on a couple thousand dollars per year on me.

  • 10/10/2016

    Nice and new store which is well laid out. Pretty good variety of things but prices are on the high side. Occasionally, they have good sales but you simply have to watch as they are not always advertised in the paper or online.

    Very good customer service.
    They have four nice stuffed chairs in front of a homey stone fireplace in the front of the store and near their large and clean men’s, women’s, and family bathrooms. The fireplace seating area is a great place to park it after a long shopping visit or waiting for a companion to get done with theirs! Easy accessibility for our mobility challenged Yelp friends. Plenty of parking, too.
    Note to self though: they have a lot of stuffed critters displayed throughout the store which may or may not offend certain sensibilities. But they are all tastefully and interestingly displayed.

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