15 Best Angelfish Tank Mates for 55-Gallon Tank

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So you want to set up a 55-gallon community tank? Good choice! But what kind of fish would be best suited for your aquarium, and which ones aren’t so much trouble partners. Well luckily we’ve got just the list: 15 awesome companions that will make sure all generations live happily ever after in harmony with one another – without any pesky wars or fights between them either (unless they’re breeding).
So check out our top picks below…

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1. Ram Cichlids

The Ram Cichlid is one of the more challenging fish to keep if you’re just starting out. They have a lot going for them, though; these colorful staggered eels are beautiful and unique with their amazing bright colors that will truly stand out in any tank! The only challenge we’ll face may be keeping up our interest by making sure both species get along well enough so they don’t kill each other or otherwise bother us while there’s still room left over on top after caring for all those gorgeous Angelfishs .

You can’t just leave your fish alone for long periods of time, so you need to monitor them and change the water regularly.

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2. Keyhole Cichlids

Keyhole cichlids are usually black with a vertical strip of bright green running through their eyes. They also have another patch on either side, which makes them perfect tank-mates for Angelfish! These easy going creatures don’t really do well in tanks without lots of space or other fish that they can compete against; but since this is such an essential addition to any community aquarium you should absolutely buy one if possible–even though it might be tricky finding these beautiful fish at your local store…
The keyholeros basically has no business being paired up alongside angelfish because let’s face.

3. Kribensis Cichlids

Kribensis Cichlids are a great tank mate for Angelfish, but they can be quite nasty when breeding. Otherwise the fish is peaceful and compatible with all other types of tanks too!

Introducing the Kribensis cichlid to an aquarium can be a great choice. These fish tend not only prefer softer water but also eat meat-based diets, so there’s no need for you change their menu when they move in with other tankmates like Angelfishes who enjoy living at upper levels of your setup or even on top! Another reason why these two should get along well is because while territorial males may claim most areas around them as theirs alone – trying again later will likely yield better results than starting fresh–this problem has been fixed by creating caves out rockwork where possible.

4. Dwarf Gourami

Gouramis are peaceful and rarely interact with other fish. They come from far away, similar to how their natural habitat is different than Angelfish’s environment but still close enough that they can live together in tanks without any trouble at all! As long as you provide plenty of hiding spots for your gourami so it doesn’t feel threatened every time it needs space or if there are multiple males present then things will go smoothly between them – even though most people think this type may be rather shy due its size (they’re only 2 inches wide!).

5. Bristlenose Pleco

What an interesting fish! The bristles on its mouth area are what give this gentle Pleco his name, as they provide extra teeth for chewing up food. Your Angelfish won’t have any problems avoiding interaction with these Motionless Beauties since most of the time he’ll be near enough their substrate just looking around or maybe picking at some algae off rocks before moving onto something else in need-of destruction (like weeds).

6. Cory Catfish

These fish are usually found scavenging for food at the bottom of your aquarium. They can be kept in a community aquarium, but it is recommended that you keep only five together because they need protection from bullying and safety within their group if possible. However; larger tanks provide more space where many individuals will live happily ever after!

7. Black Phantom Tetra

The Black Phantom Tetra is a small schooling fish with purple, silver or black base color and one large black patch on its side. They peaceful demeanor will make it an excellent tank partner for many other inhabitants including colorful ones!

Every fish has their own color, but it is interesting to see which ones can mixes with others. The males are typically silver while females often have more exciting hues such as black or red-colored bodies that stand out beautifully in an aquarium setup full of mostly clear water! If you get 8+ Black Phantom Tetras they’ll feel completely safe due your tank’s clean environment–so long as there aren’t any other aggressive types around either (just be sure not display these beauties too closely together).

8. Rummy Nose Tetra

With their stunning glass-like body, red head and tail with the zebra pattern is absolutely captivating. Keep an school of at least 6 to be amazed by how beautiful they are! The Rummy Nose has a peaceful temperament making it adaptable as tankmates go but keep in mind that these guys only grow so large before needing more space than just 1 or 2 gallons can provide–that being said if you do happen upon some small ones then grab them fast because once gone there’s no telling when someone might come looking again…

9. Rosy Tetra

The Rosy Tetra is a perfect little fish for an Angelfish tank. It has no aggressive tendencies and can be very lively, making it one of the best species to keep alongside this popular aquarium inhabitant! You should feed them with food similar in ingredients as well – there’s nothing else you need change about your water either or they’ll get sick too soon from different surroundings.. In order that everyone has enough space left over when sharing their home with other aquatic organisms like yourself who may come into competition over resources such as oxygen levels etc., I recommend keeping at least 6 individuals per population size instead of fewer than 2 focal points present within any single container environment.

10. Emperor Tetra

The Emporer Tetra has a metallic silver or purple color with thicker and thinner horizontal lines on its side. They are schooling fish, just like many other species I mentioned in this list; however they don’t particularly demand anything more than some peace from time to breathe their life into your aquarium by providing shelter for these fancy little beauties when it suits them best (which will probably be often). These decorative Colombian beauties surely know how make things interesting – especially if you keep an Angelfish alongside oneself!

11. Swordtail Fish

Swordtails are peaceful fish that have a long and pointy tail like in the picture. The Sword-shapedanta might seem aggressive based on their appearance but we’re talking about here! There’s plenty of color varieties for you to choose from when it comes too these pretty little guys; liven up your aquarium with some lively colors or go all out by getting one who is an absolute beauty – either way, they will make sure everyone has something different going on around them
I recommend this species if beginners want something simple yet interesting at home since breeding isn’t hard whatsoever (just remove any babies).

12. Platy Fish

Here is anotherfish that has a peaceful temperament and can be easy to take care of. The Platy fish comes in various colors, some with dark patches on its body while others have transitions from one color to another. Furthermore they’re livebearing freshwater dwellers which means these adaptable beings will tolerate more activity than most other types of aquarium pets- even if you want your tank filled up quickly! If I had my way though -I’d recommend beginners start off by setting up an active community setup before adding any energetic species such as this lively fellow .

If you have a male and female betta, they are inevitably going to breed. Just be sure that the fry don’t end up in your aquarium because most of them will get eaten by their parents!

13. Molly Fish

The Molly Fish is a hardy, beginner-friendly livebearer that comes from Central America. There are numerous varieties to choose from and you can keep both colorful species like Angels while still keeping an assortment of them in your tank! The fact they’re able breed so easily makes it even more attractive as well; this means if things get too noisy or stressful for one type during breeding season then others will step up without hesitation because there’s always room at the table (even if its Cassette).

The breeding is a long process that eventually leads to you deciding whether or not it’s time for the babies. If they’re going in your mouth, then we hope these cute little creatures can fill up on sweet feed!

14. Zebra Danio

If you want a fish with the zebra pattern, then this is your best bet. The Zebra Danio has been proven to be adaptable and hardy – even when it comes in different water types like tropical or lower temperatures! So if these qualities sound good for YOUR community tank please go ahead an get one now before they’re gone forever!.

15. Discus Fish

The discus is a fish that stands out in any community aquarium because of how unique it looks. Fortunately, they are also compatible with angelfishes and can be set up 55 gallons tank for beginners but eventually require larger tanks as well since these creatures like warmer water than most others on our list do which makes filtration very important too!

Wrap Up

Whether you are just starting out with aquarium pets or have been keeping fish for years, there is sure to be something on this list that will catch your eye. From the colorful and social requisite LEDs mimicking natural sunlight in an underwater scene as well as other cool features such has moving water movement when it gets dark outside at night all come standard!
With so many different options available nowadays its hard deciding what type of tank setup would work best but if we were only limited by size then why not go big? A 55 gallon freshwater inhabitants can easily accommodate 4-5 small schooling species from List 1 while still being able enjoy viewing them up close without having any unwanted onlookers spoil things.

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