40 Celebrity Names You’re Pronouncing Wrong

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40 Celebrity Names You’re Pronouncing Wrong

We were way off on #17.

idina menzel

Some celebrity names are super easy to pronounce (looking at you Ben Stiller). On the other hand, some celebrity names are so complicated, we get tongue-tied just trying to describe their latest role in a movie. But today, we’re setting the record straight. We’re breaking down the phonetic pronunciation of those celebrity names you can’t quite grasp.

Charlize Theron

charlize theron

Correction pronunciation: Shar-LEES THAIR-en

Tip: More like “lease” and “hair” than “jeez” and “there.”

Téa Leoni

tea leoni

Correction pronunciation: Tay-UH Lay-OH-nee

Tip: Think Lay’s potato chips, rather than Lee’s jeans.

Amanda Seyfried

amanda seyfried

Correction pronunciation: Uh-MAN-duh SIGH-fred

Tip: It’s simply “sigh” and “fred,” as in the name Fred, and not “say-freed,” as most people say it.

Lupita Nyong’o

lupita nyong'o

Correction pronunciation: LOO-pita Nee-yong-OH

Tip: She made a handy Instagram video to help us out.

Idris Elba

idris elba

Correction pronunciation: ID-riss El-BAH

Tip: The “id” is short, like in the word, “bid.”

Rachel Weisz

rachel weisz

Correction pronunciation: Ray-chul Vice

Tip: The “w” is really pronounced like a “v.”

Barbra Streisand

barbra streisand

Correction pronunciation: Barb-RAH Strei-SAND

Tip: More like “sand” in the ocean than “zand.” Of course, Babs even got Tim Cook to change Siri’s pronunciation.

Gabourey Sidibe

gabourey sidibe

Correction pronunciation: GAB-or-ay SIH-dih-bay

Tip: The “be” is really more like the word “play.”

Martin Scorsese

martin scorsese

Correction pronunciation: Mar-tin Scor-SEH-see

Tip: It’s more like “sessy” and not “say-see,” as it’s usually pronounced.

Isla Fisher

isla fisher

Correction pronunciation: EYE-luh FISH-UR

Tip: It’s kind of like the word “eye” with “la” at the end.

Saoirse Ronan

saoirse ronan

Correction pronunciation: SUR-sha Ro-nan

Tip: The legend goes that Ryan Gosling explained it best, saying it sounds like “inertia.”

Joe Manganiello

joe manganiello

Correction pronunciation: JO Mang-an-nell-OH

Tip: The “i” is silent, but you should probably just watch him explain how to say it.

Joaquin Phoenix

joaquin phoenix

Correction pronunciation: Wah-KEEN FEE-niks

Tip: “Walking,” if you drop the “g” and make “in” more like “een.”

Demi Moore

demi moore

Correction pronunciation: Duh-MEE Mor

Tip: Say the word, “duh,” and you’re almost there.

Ewan McGregor

ewan mcgregor

Correction pronunciation: YOO-uhn muh-GREH-gur

Tip: It’s not just Evan with a “w,” it’s more like, “you” and “an.”

Idina Menzel

idina menzel

Correction pronunciation: uh-dee-NUH min-zel.

Tip: The only thing you should focus on is that the “i” is more like a long “uh.”

Quvenzhané Wallis

quvenzhané wallis

Correction pronunciation: Kwah-ven-jah-NAY Wall-es

Tip: See the youngest actor nom’d for an Oscar explain the pronunciation herself.

Steve Buscemi

steve buscemi

Correction pronunciation: Steev BOO-shay-MEE

Tip: There’s no “shem” sound.

Marion Cotillard

marion cotillard

Correction pronunciation: Mah-ree-AHN Ko-tee-AR

Tip: Try adding a French accent to really elevate it.



Correction pronunciation: Ree-AN-uh

Tip: The ending should be pronounced like the name Anna.

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