Do African Cichlids Eat Their Fry?

The truth about African Cichlids and their fry is that they do eat them. It may sound scary to any upcoming breeder but there’s always a remedy for this vice- tendencies of keeping young ones in mouth protect Young ciTRIQUES from being eaten by Parental algae vampires! In the wild, some cichlids will eat their … Read more

African Cichlids Aggressive Behavior – How to Deal With It?

African Cichlids Aggressive Behavior

The African cichlid is a wonderful fish to be included in any given aquarium. There are many reasons why they make an excellent addition, such as their ease of breeding and ability tolerate differing water conditions (although this certainly isn’t always true). One thing that every aquarist will tell you? These colorful little guys have … Read more

How to Care for African Cichlids?

How to Care for African Cichlids

African Cichlids are a rare but spectacular group of fish that can be found in many stores across America. They’re more expensive than most other types because their appearance influences price – large and colorful cichlid varieties cost higher rates, while smaller ones come at lower costs! With such a wide range in pricing, it’s … Read more

How to Care for Auratus Cichlids?

How to Care for Auratus Cichlids

Extremely aggressive, the Melanochromis auratus is also known as “the Malawi golden cichlid” or ‘golden mbuna’. The elongated body of this fish features a narrow mouth and rounded snout with continuous dorsal fins. Their closely spaced teeth make them look like incisors – ideal for grabbing onto small invertebrates that live on plants in slow-moving … Read more

How to Care for Tropheus Cichlids?

How to Care for Tropheus Cichlids

How to Care for Tropheus Cichlids? The Tropheus Cichlid is a fish that comes in different colors, at least 50 color morphs. This champion of variety was described over 100 years ago and became the first ever identified species within its genus – Traotomutoides moorii ( translates to “two tongues” for how they’re shaped). The … Read more

How to Care for Livingstonii Cichlids?

How to Care for Livingstonii Cichlids

The Livingstonii Cichlid is a piscivorous haplyfish native to Lake Malawi in the Great Rift Valley region. This fish species has unique hunting behavior where it plays dead as potential prey gets closer, then launches into action immediately upon detecting that its target is within striking range so as not let any opportunities slip past! … Read more