Why do African Cichlids Keep Dying?

Why do African Cichlids Keep Dying

The African cichlid is an interesting fish that’s not just sensitive to changes in water parameters, but also aggressive and territorial. These traits make them hardy pets requires plenty of space! In this article we will cover all the factors you need consider before getting one as well as how much care they require- because … Read more

10 Types of African Cichlids – Beautiful & Colorful Varieties

10 Types of African Cichlids

The African cichlid is a great fish for anyone who wants to add some color and personality into their tank. They’re not only easy enough that you can find one in your local stores, but also come with different temperaments so there’s sure to be something everyone will enjoy! To help ease this process even … Read more

African Cichlids Tank Size – The Complete Guide

African Cichlids Tank Size

Cichlids are quite the fascination for any aquarium owner. With 1500+ species documented and still waiting to be defined, this fish family has more than enough color variety going on in their world! The African versions of these colorful creatures make up a large percentage (if not entirety) within your own private collection- meaning that … Read more

10 Fun & Interesting Facts about African Cichlids

10 Fun & Interesting Facts about African Cichlids

The diversity of life on earth is immense, and nowhere else in the universe do you see such an array. There are over 5 thousand species that have been recorded from Africa alone! One such example would be a lake filled with colorful cichlids: these amazing fish vary by coloration as well their size; some … Read more

African Cichlid Size Chart – How Big do They Grow?

African Cichlid Size Chart – How Big do They Grow

Some of the most popular fish species in aquariums today are African Cichlids. These diverse and colorful cilihewaters range from small-sized piranhas all across Africa to large Cardinals that can grow up into 2 feet long! It is important not only for you as an owner, but alsopet shops or lenders who may reuse your … Read more

Are African Cichlids Tropical Fish?

Are African Cichlids Tropical Fish

The African cichlid is a freshwater fish that can be found in Africa’s rivers and lakes. These tropical waters have hot temperatures, which makes them thrive as they are native to this region of the world where it’s always warm enough! In order for you own pet African Cichlids (or any type) live long lives … Read more

Do African Cichlids Like Sand or Gravel Substrate?

Do African Cichlids Like Sand or Gravel Substrate

Have you ever wanted to setup a tropical freshwater aquarium but were unsure what type of fish would be best for it? If so, then this article might interest and inspire your curiosity! In today’s post we will discuss different types of African Cichlids as well their requirements when living in an aquascape. Aquarium Substrate … Read more

How Many African Cichlids Per Gallon?

How Many African Cichlids Per Gallon

The African Cichlid is a highly territorial fish that becomes aggressive during spawning. However, this does not mean you cannot keep them in an aquarium; instead it’s one of the most popular species among aquarists because their colorful appearance makes for great tank decoration! The more cichlids you can keep in your fish tank, the … Read more