Will amano shrimp eat snail eggs?

will amano shrimp eat snail eggs

Amano shrimp are not actually monsters who eat live snails. They can damage and consume slime coating of healthy ones, but avoid eating the bodies or eggs if possible because it’s unpleasant for them to do so! Relate question – will amano shrimp eat snail eggs? Does Amano shrimp eat snails? When you add some … Read more

Will amano shrimp eat fish eggs?

will amano shrimp eat fish eggs

The amanos are the most enthusiastic feeder in this tank. They don’t seem to care much about what they eat, but I’m assuming it’s because these little fish are so hungry all of their minds cannot think straight enough to notice any bad flavors or textures! Relate question – will amano shrimp eat fish eggs … Read more

Why are my amano shrimp dying?

why are my amano shrimp dying

We all know that a tank without any cleaning shrimp in it is like an expensive party with nobody serving food or making conversation. You might as well just give up right away and retire to your room so you can watch TV until this whole thing blows over – which could take awhile! But … Read more

Why are my amano shrimp hiding?

why are my amano shrimp hiding

The first time Amano shrimp keepers often face a common problem that is, Amano shrimps hide. This article will throw light on some of the causes and what you can do to find your peach friend again! Amanos are known as algae cleaners in freshwater systems but sometimes they like privacy when it comes down … Read more

Why amano shrimp jumping out of tank?

why amano shrimp jumping out of tank

It turns out that my cherry shrimp was stressed. At first, I didn’t know why he had suddenly jumped out of the tank but after some research and reading up on this topic more closely it all made sense! He did it because his environment wasn’t right there were too many factors causing an uncomfortable … Read more

Why do my amano shrimp keep dying?

why do my amano shrimp keep dying

So you just set up a brand new planted tank and bought ten (or twenty) freshwater shrimp. You put them in their home, but over the next few days/weeks they start perishing… one by ones! What’s happening? It turns out that even though these little guys are hardy enough to survive most things in aquariums … Read more

When do amano shrimp breed?

when do amano shrimp breed

One of the most popular types anywhere between 10-20 cm long, Amano shrimp go through a natural cycle that includes 12 distinct stages. They start out as eggs and progress from there to become larvae with 9 zoea life phases before emerging onto adulthood which can take up another 90 – 120 days depending on how … Read more

When are amano shrimp active?

when are amano shrimp active

One of the most Reclusive creature in nature, Amano Shrimp is famous for its relentless behavior and love affair with algae. Though they feed on this green fluff all day long (or at least until it becomes too much), there are some differences between how hyperactive these little guys can get versus being too inactive … Read more

What to do with pregnant amano shrimp?

what to do with pregnant amano shrimp

Have you ever wondered how to multiply Amano shrimp? It’s not as easy and straightforward task like some people think. Adult amanos require freshwater, but their larvae only survive in brackish water! The popularity of the amanos is skyrocketing worldwide because they make great algae eaters with goofy personalities that are fun for both beginners … Read more