How to stop angelfish bullying?

how to stop angelfish bullying

The angelfish is a very popular freshwater tropical fish. Usually they have a calm, peaceful character so it just needs to pick up with their neighbors from time-to-time! But sometimes the behavior changes dramatically – these fishes may begin attacking each other in earnest; biting and arranging real massacres among themselves. You then start researching … Read more

How fast do angelfish grow?

how fast do angelfish grow

The freshwater angelfish is a popular tropical fish for tanks. They come in many colors and patterns, with some living up to 10 years or longer! When you add this species into your aquarium it’s important not only do they match its water quality but also their size so that there are no accidents later … Read more

How big do angelfish get?

how big do angelfish get

Congratulations on purchasing your first freshwater Angelfish! These beautiful cichlids are extremely popular and well deserving of their name. It’s important to know that these fish can grow up quite tall, so you may want an aquarium upgrade soon if this was not planned for initially – but don’t worry because they usually stay small … Read more

How angelfish eggs?

how angelfish eggs

The Angelfish is a beautiful fish that can be found in warm waters. They are from the Cichlidae family and native to South America where they thrive on warmer weathers, making them an ideal breed for homes with hot tubs or aquarium requirements! This breeding habits makes these little guys very active but not as … Read more

Why angelfish eat their eggs?

The angelfish is a great parental caretaker. It cleans and guards its eggs until they hatch, after which it continues to feed the fry till they are able eat on their own terms- but not without some movies! This fish has been seen eating its own offspring from time-to captive observation in order gain advantage … Read more

Why angelfish not eating?

When you find your Angelfish not eating, it can be a trying experience. These fish belong to the Cichlidae family and are very popular as aquarium pets. The species make pretty fascinating creatures that often prove friendly towards their tanksmates too! And when one of them stops eating out of nowhere- well…you might go into … Read more

Why angelfish eggs turn white?

Why do angelfish eggs turn white? It’s a question that has been asked by many aquarists. Over time, we’ve discovered the answer to this phenomenon is due in part from fungus growth and bacteria compromising their shell while they’re being fertilized without male intervention! To overcome the white egg issue, you should first understand what … Read more

How angelfish lay eggs?

how angelfish lay eggs

The angelfish is a sought-after fish species for home aquariums. It’s available in numerous colors and sizes, making it popular among aquarists with different interests or needs across the board – from those looking to keep indigenous types like betta fishes (which these angelicas most certainly are not) all they way up through larger saltwater … Read more

How angelfish breed?

How angelfish breed?

The Basics of Angelfish Breeding Angelfish are one of the most popular fish in home aquaria because they’re easy to care for. They need natural lighting and plenty of hiding spots, but other than that it’s just about providing them with clean water conditions so their breeding tank can be as simple or complicated as … Read more

How do angelfish have babies?

how do angelfish have babies

The task of getting angelfish to spawn in captivity is something that can be easily done. But once their eggs reach the hatching stage, most breeders will fail because they don’t know what else needs attention- from water quality issues down to temperature fluctuations! In this article we’ll cover everything you need for breeding angelfish … Read more