How Often to Feed Angelfish?

How Often to Feed Angelfish

In the wild, angelfish diets consist mostly of invertebrates such as worms and insects. In an aquarium environment this changes significantly; despite their name many angels do well on a diet consisting primarily vegetarian foods including flake or pellet food with some meat-based vitamins added in for good measure! A properly formulated bite sized meal … Read more

Why is My Angelfish Fat and Bloated?

Why is My Angelfish Fat and Bloated

Of all the types of fish that one can own, angelfishes are undoubtedly among those with most elegance and grace. Their tall bodiescledquartered tails make them look even more beautiful than before! If your angelfish seems swollen or gains weight without any apparent reason though-you should be worried about it because this may indicate something … Read more

Angelfish and Gourami – Can They Live Together?

The community aquarium is a place where different species can live together. As such, it’s not surprising to see so many fishkeepers looking for the best tank-mates for their favorite types of freshwater or saltwater dwellers; but this decision must be made wisely as well because if two incompatible individuals are paired up then there … Read more