Aquarium Solutions Ultimate Water Conditioner | Aquarium Dechlorinator

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  • Breaks Down Chlorine and Chloramines
  • Replaces Skin-Slime Coat
  • Binds Ammonia

Ultimate is a great dechlorinator which breaks down chlorine and chloramines and binds up ammonia from tap water to make it safe for aquarium life. It also helps repair and maintain the slime coat on your fish. Each 16oz bottle treats 940 gallons of water. It also helps buffer your water from changing pH by adding essential electrolytes.

Customer Reviews

I was having trouble keeping ph stable in one of my tanks. Kh kept depleting and ph kept going down. Also was dealing with a bit of ammonia. I used this and overnight ammonia went from 1ppm to 0 ppm and the ph went from 6.6 to 7 and the kh went from 1 to 3 degrees. This stuff is awesome. Not to mention that I can use this to replace stress coat and prime! Saves money for sure!

Great product for making your tap water safe for aquarium use

Wonderful product, glad I picked it up. Thanks co op

I have used Prime, Fritz complete and Ultimate. Ultimate is by far the best as it actually has stuff in it. Fritz and Prime are basically the same product but Prime smells like death warmed over and messes with pH. I have not seen Fritz mess with pH yet but I havent used it enough. The only think Fritz Complete has over this is the squirt bottle. I have used Ultimate for about 3 years and I have more stable tanks when I does with this.

I breed fish and I use this with every water change. I find Ultimate to be the best product out there on the market. I buy all my supplies from Aquarium Co Op. I have full trust in the things they sell.

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