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Gas Powered Underwater Cattail Cutter

The Aquatic Vegetation Groomer (AVG) is a gas powered underwater aquatic weed cutting machine designed for cutting every kind aquatic vegetation including Cattails, bulrush, lily pads and more. Powerful enough to cut down and remove any kind of lake or pond weeds no matter how dense or tough they are.

The AVG features two circular reciprocating blades that move back and forth to create the cutting action that makes it possible to cut even the thickest aquatic vegetation down to their root base and anywhere in between!

Additionally, the two circular reciprocating blade motion makes the machine easy to control and eliminates splash back from the water.

The AVG is powered by a 24 cc 2-cycle engine that uses a standard oil gas mixture. The powerful engine makes it our recommended product for cutting thick rooted aquatic plants like cattails, bull rush, reeds, lily pads and even thick wood stemmed plants with ease!

Lake Weeder’s Digest has sold the AVG for over 10 years, so we are very familiar with its reliability and durability as it’s backed by the manufacturer’s peace of mind 2-year warranty. In our experience, you shouldn’t need replacement blades unless the product has been abused or you dinged it against a large rock, but extra blades are available should need them.

Aquatic Vegetation Groomer Float Attachment (optional add-on)

  • The Float Attachment for the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer is a great option to have for many reasons. It helps you cut cattails, Lily pads, reeds and virtually every kind of aquatic weed that are located in those hard to reach areas.
  • It ships out almost completely assembled so there is no down time.
  • It is light weight and made from durable aluminum so it will not rust.
  • The Float Attachment makes it easy to switch back and forth from hand held to float mounted cutting jobs.
  • Comes standard with a 2-piece “pistol grip” handle that is 7 ft long. (Optional handle extensions are available for a total reach of 15 ft)
  • The frame features a depth adjustment plate giving you the ability to cut seaweed and cattails up to 4′ deep.


Item ID Aquatic Vegetation Groomer Common Applications Cutting aquatic vegetation for removal
Weight 25 lbs (without Float) Cutting Depth Up to 4 feet
Float Handle Length 7′, 11′ or 15′ Power Type 24cc 2-cycle engine
Options Float Kit, Shoulder Strap Warranty 2-year

Frequently Used With: RakeZilla, Power Grip Rake


Q: Can the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer cut all weeds or just some?
A: The Aquatic Vegetation Groomer is designed to cut through all different weed types…even weeds with a thicker stem or root system (i.e. arrowhead, phragmites, cattails, lily pads, bullrush, wood stemmed plants and brush etc.)
Q: Can the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer be used out of the water too?
A: Yes! The Aquatic Vegetation Groomer will become your favorite multi-purpose tool for aquatic and land vegetation. Clean out your swim area, trim and edge along your beachfront, cut-down the brush that might be protruding over your shoreline. This tool does it all!
Q: How easy is it to mount the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer cutter to the Float Mount?
A: The float mount is designed to make this quick and easy by simply sliding the handle onto the pivot arm slots and securing with 2 wingnuts and U-bolts. The only thing you may have to do is adjust the location of the D-handle grip on the shaft (the included instructions show the correct location).
Q: How to I operate the motor when the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer is on the float mount?
A: This is done by using included velcro strap. Start by pushing the throttle trigger to the desired speed and then strap on the velcro to hold it in place. (In most cases you will only need to set the throttle to about 30-50% power as this should be enough to cut through cattails and similar aquatic vegetation)
Q: How long is each handle section for the float mount?
A: Each handle section / extension is 4ft long. They all connect using 8” connectors that insert and stap into place using push pins. Although we offer 7ft – 11ft & 15ft handle options you can also order extra extensions by phone. 877-224-4899
Q: Is the cutting head compatible with my existing “weed wacker”?
A: No, the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer has a sealed gear box and the reciprocating cutting head is proprietary to the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer only.
Q: How is the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer able to cut vegetation under water, doesn’t the blade just push the vegetation away like a propeller?
A: No, the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer consists of a top and bottom circular blade that “reciprocates” vs going in a circle like a propeller.
Q: Why do I need a shoulder strap?
A: You don’t. However, the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer weighs 25 lbs and if you have a big area to maintain, the shoulder strap will leverage the weight against your shoulders vs forearms.
Q: How heavy is the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer?
A: The Aquatic Vegetation Groomer weighs 25 lbs, and balances nicely on a soft (adjustable) rubber handle.
Q: Any tips for maintenance on my Aquatic Vegetation Groomer?
A: Make sure to keep the gearhead (near the blades) stays lubricated, dry off the unit prior to storage, and check oil levels each use.
Q: Can replacement blades be purchased for the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer?
A: Yes! Replacement blades can be purchased as a set (2 blades) through Our online store or by calling 877-224-4899.
Q: What kind of fuel does the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer take?
A: Oil mixed gas at a 50:1 ratio.
Q: What should you do when you store the unit in the winter?
A: Aged fuel is one of major causes of engine starting failure. Before storing the unit, empty the fuel tank and run the engine until it uses all the fuel left in the fuel line and the carburetor. Store the unit indoor taking necessary measures for rust prevention including oiling the blades.

Q: Is it bad to hold throttle down all the time?
A: Avoid running the engine at full throttle with no load. Continuous no load full throttle operation can cause damage to the engine and the driveshaft.

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In Stock and Ready to Ship from our Store in New Hope Minnesota

We offer the fastest shipping in the business and we ship WORLDWIDE. Most orders placed by 3pm Central (weekdays), will almost always be shipped that same day. Orders placed after 3pm will be shipped the following week day. Expedited shipping options are also available.

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27 Reviews


    I was skeptical on buying this but I am glad I did. It works great on any weeds you can get to. From grass to cat-tails it will cut it. Very happy with this purchase.

  • Aquatic vegetative groomer

    We have 600ft of waterfront. At least half of it is covered in aquatic weeds. I have spent 2 years trying to clear it with my lake rake, with very little success and a lot of back breaking work. In 3 days I was able to clear most of it. I am a 55 year old woman. If I can do it anyone can! The rake zilla was also helpful and absolutely necessary. My weeds were so thick I had to constantly rake so I could continue. I had a quote to have a commercial harvester come do it for $16,000. Although this product is not cheap, it is so worth it. I had also tried my own stihls weed eater with every attachment I could find. It always got wound up and stuck in the weeds. If you are worrying about the price like I was, please know that I am so happy! I wish I was able to show you before and after pics.

  • Saved my waterfront. Greatest tool I ever used.

    One grim day, we found about 2000 sq. ft of a floating bullrush island that a hurricane had jammed into our cove. To make a long story a bit shorter, the AVG saved us. While standing on plywood on top of the weeds, I used the AVG to cut it into 3′ x 8′ pieces. The stuff was about 18″ thick, a mass of tangled roots and mud, but the AVG sliced right through it, with a bit of effort. Okay, a lot of effort. I could only stand doing it for 3 hours in a given day. Over time, I cut and then hauled about 70 – 80 of these chunks up and out of the water with a winch. It was a workout, and it took me a long time, but getting my waterfront back made it worthwhile. I couldn’t have done it without the AVG. It’s powerful, light for what it is, and super reliable. Worth every dime.

  • Fast Shipping

    I ordered my Cattail cutter online Friday morning. Selected standard shipping. It arrived in central Florida Monday morning. Very fast!

  • Cattail Cutter

    I love this machine!!! But it only lasts 3 years. After 3 years I had to have it serviced. Now it’s 3 years later and once again, I have to have it serviced. I wish it would have a longer warranty.

  • Cattail Cutter

    I love this machine!!! But it only lasts 3 years. After 3 years I had to have it serviced. Now it’s 3 years later and once again, I have to have it serviced. I wish Red Max would give a longer warranty.

  • AVG

    I purchased the AVG in March of 2019, and took it to Mexico!! I got around to used it couple of months later. The cattails that I cut are in deep water and I use a Jon boat to get near them and have my gardener do the work. It is a very large area and we usually work, about 4 hours each week. The machine is GREAT,,,it does what it is made to do, it starts with one pull (YES, one pull,,,,,even my Stihl $400 weed wacker takes 10 pulls before starting). Best of all once you are done for the day, the cutting head looks “brand new” as if you have never used it. Now, if the weeders digest folks had free shipping to Mexico, I would buy the $660 float as well 🙂

  • Worth the money

    I used my aquatic weed cutter for the first time. Very impressed with the overall performance. Cuts well in the water as well as out. Cuts right though the tough vegetation on land whereas my weed whacker would have gotten all tangled up. I would recommend this product.

  • Works Amazing

    Our lake shoreline was neglected for many years and was very overgrown. Cut through our cattails and various other weeds with ease and in quick time. Buy the shoulder strap when you order it. Makes it very easy on the body. The price is a bargain when you consider how well it works and how quick you can remove the weeds and get back to enjoying your summer at your lake. This is the right tool for the job.

  • It works as avvertised.

    Lots of horse power and dose an amazingly good and fast job. The hard part is the clean up.

  • AGV is an excellent machine!

    Our pond was extremely overgrown with cattails so we hired an excavator for a day to do a major clean out. After this I used the AGV working from an 8 by 8 raft to finish where the excavator could not reach. I agree with others that this is a good workout by the results are certainly worth the effort. The machine worked perfectly. I cut down to the root in three feet of water and right into the mud. Amazing! Looking forward to keeping our pond looking great.

  • Worked great

    We own an 11 acre lake, and after trying to manually cut the cattails with a garden shears, I broke down and bought the AVG. It worked great, cut through the cattails like butter!

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