Are guppy fish aggressive?

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What are guppies?
Guppies, also known as ‘freshwater neoncuts’, were bred in Europe beginning around the year 1800. They’re one of two popular types that exist today-the other type being community or Moor lensScientifically called “Carosella julibrissin”. Their average size ranges between 4 inches long up until about 12″, but can grow much bigger depending on what conditions they live under!

Are Guppies Aggressive & Do They Fight?

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Guppies are generally peaceful fish and it is unlikely that you will have any problems with them in your tank. However, just like all animals the possibility of an aggressive behavior exists due to their unpredictability nature; this means they can be substitute gentle or nasty as soon as another guppy enters into fight mode!

What Are The Signs Of Guppy Aggression

Guppies are social fish and many people enjoy keeping them in pairs or schools. However, if you want your guppy to stay safe it’s important that they don’t get too comfortable with other community members- because there is always at least one person who will challenge another’s territory! Here we’ve outlined some telltale signs of aggression so once big trouble starts happening (and believe us when we say these things happen), then hopefully prevention becomes easier than ever before…

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Damaged And Frayed Fins

Damage to your fish’s fins can indicate aggressive behavior. This is because it could be from the guppies, other types of animals in tanks with larger predators (like barbs), or even just stress caused by changes around tank maintenance schedules for example water quality issues which may lead them being more irritable towards each other than usual!

Lastly, it could also be a sign of fin rot. So don’t jump to conclusions and assume damaged fins were caused by aggression! Although this is possible too, there’s other reasons why your fish might have lost its’ coloration – like disease for example (you should always check them over carefully).

Fish Are Hiding

Another indication that a fish may be acting aggressively is if you notice certain individuals are hiding. If it’s just guppies in your tank and then there’s always an instance where some can never see, this suggests bullying by another individual or species of similar size to yours which has more courage than brains!

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Guppies Chasing Each Other

It’s normal for males to be competitive and try maintain their place in society. You’ll sometimes see one male chasing another, even if they’re not actually fighting – this is because he wants dominance over him! It can range from mild pushing/shoving all way up into fullscale battles with weapons such as fins or scales getting injured during these struggles . If you notice any attacks that don’t seem accidental then it’s best check your tank parameters again because something may have changed recently (like adding more fish).

A Dead Fish

A dead fish is often a sign of aggression in an aquarium. However, make sure you only consider this as one possible indicator if other signs are also present such as bullying and harassment by your tank inhabitants or poor water quality issues with high levels of nitrate for example which can lead to death through disease processes when they accumulate over time due carelessness about what we put into our tanks!

How To Stop Guppies From Being Aggressive

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You can stop your guppies from being aggressive by doing a few things. If you notice that they are starting to get on each other’s nerves, then do something about it immediately before the problem worsens and end up with one of them dead!

Keep More Females Than Males

In order to keep the population of one sex at a healthy level, you should aim for 3:1 ratios. For every male there must be two females or else they will compete with each other for resources and become more aggressive towards others in their society because of increased competition over territory access this could result into stressed out girls who are constantly being harassed by males.

Add Hiding Places

Giving your guppies plenty of hiding places will help reduce the chance that they’ll get aggressive. Not only does this make it easier for them when things are getting rough, but also if someone approaches one from behind or above then there’s less risk in jumping out since you won’t know exactly where he/she might be until it happens!

Hiding places can be anything that is deep, dark and comfortable. Some great choices for hiding spots include caves with driftwood ornaments decorating them; large leaf plants like anubias (which floats!) in the corner near your filter system – these will provide plenty of shade from bright lights while still letting some light through so it’s not too dreary down below!

Make Sure The Tank Isn’t Crowded Or Too Small

You should make sure that your tank isn’t too crowded or small. If you have a 10-gallon aquarium, then 3 guppies can live together without any problems but after that they’ll need an additional 2 gallons of space per fish to avoid aggressive behavior from each other and competition for resources such as food and territory.

Remove The Culprit

The best way to deal with a pesky single-fish problem is by getting rid of them altogether and moving their tankmates. If you don’t have another fish tank handy, try returning the culprit back into its original environment or buying some new ones from an appropriate retailer!

You may have noticed your guppies being increasingly aggressive towards one another. This might not be anything, but it’s best to check and make sure that the problem isn’t coming from other fish in their tank too!

Make Sure They’re Getting Enough Food

You also need to make sure that you’re feeding your guppies enough. If they don’t get fed often enough, then obviously the fish will begin fighting for food and trying their best at eating as much of it before moving onto something else in order not miss out on anything! You should give them two minutes worth each time – which would be about 1/2 cup’ish per individual animal its self (depending). Giving more than this could cause nibbling or even Tokling–a condition where an opposite gender rivalry takes place due from lack-of.

What About An Aggressive Female Guppy?

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Female guppies can become aggressive when they establish a pecking order. The most dominant female will often bully other females to make sure she gets food, especially during pregnancy and right after giving birth where there is an increased need for nutrients due her children’s growth plates being open wider than normal because of all that fat tissue on their bodies!

Most of the time, if you notice your pup nipping at all then it’s just a matter or chasing and nudging. However there may be some cases where they are actually trying to hurt themself with their teeth – this would require immediate action!

Female Guppy Attacking Males?

The female guppy is often more nurturing than the male and will attack when she notices he’s sick or diseased.
The reason for this behavior isn’t clear, but it might have something to do with hygiene—the belief being that if one becomes infected then maybe others could as well so they should be killed before spreading infectioneven though we know how important aquariums are at preventing disease!

When you get the right amount of food, enough space in your tank and no pregnancy wishes upon any fish that come into contact with them – pestered constantly will become less frequent.

What About Male Guppies Fighting?

Sometimes, no matter how many females you have in your tank or what kind of hiding places they create for themselves the male will still be aggressive. If this sounds like something that might happen to ____ then I recommend removing him from his environment and putting him into another one where there are more ladies available so he can chill out without feeling threatened all day long!

Can Guppies Kill Each Other?

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In an aquarium, it’s possible for male or female guppies to kill other fish in their tank. If you don’t remove a bully who is aggressive and persistent then the chances of any peaceful creatures dying will increase exponentially!

The chances of a disease or illness overcoming your guppies while they’re weak and injured are much more likely in captivity. This is why it’s important to make sure bullying isn’t occurring within the context-of this means you need supervision at all times!


Guppies are aggressive and they can attack each other, but there’s hope for the future of these fish. To reduce chances that your pet will become aggressive you need to make sure it has lots of hiding spaces in its tank as well as providing enough space both above ground level or below sea level depending on where you live (depth). You should also avoid overcrowding when owning more than one type; this increases competition between males which often leads them towards becoming dreaded predators rather than social companions like females tend do otherwise!

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