Are guppy fish cannibals?

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Are guppy fish cannibals? Guppies are not the most emotionally- Rogers you’ll ever meet. They don’t have bad days, they just eat dead fish and other than that it’s all personal for them – no eating your former friend unless he/she is quite literally blocking their path!

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Do guppies eat Their Own?

Guppies are one of the most peaceful fish you’ll ever meet, but they have their own dark side. Sometimes when new guppy fry come up in an aquarium with no male around to fertilize them (or if there’s not enough space), female strawbs will eat their eggs instead- this is called filial cannibalism!

Why are my guppies eating each other’s tails?

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The fins of your guppies can be a good indicator that they’ve been bullying. If you notice any frayed or damaged looking hairs on their tails, it might not just stem from disease; instead this could also mean the fish has been fighting another one and gets its tail bit by them often in these altercations which causes some damage over time due to how sharp teeth are during fights (although we hope never seeing what happens when two males meet).

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Do guppies fight to the death?

The chances of another guppy in your tank dying are going to increase if you don’t remove a bully or aggressor. While it’s not as likely they’ll outright kill each other by attacking, there has been documented cases where male and female rainbows were responsible for killing their own kind!

Is it normal for guppies to chase each other?

Normally, you’ll see males chasing female fish all the time as they’re trying to mate. However on rare occasions when a male is lucky enough for his efforts not only be noticed but also successful; he will allow himself some well-earned rest after exhaustion sets in during this process!

What is the lifespan of guppy fish?

Guppies in the wild typically live for two years, but there is much variation among different populations. This indicates that these fish have evolved under differing evolutionary pressures which may result from environmental changes or human interference with their natural environment and distribution patterns.

Should I separate baby guppies?

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To keep baby guppies from being eaten, it is important to separate them and give them hiding spots in the tank. It’s also a good idea for you or someone else who has access rights on your fish tank so that they do not get eaten before their time! Feeding often will help with growth rates while keeping water temperatures warm helps close up any potential wounds caused by lack-of nutrition which leads us onto our next point: live food makes everything better because who wants dead meat when there’s plenty right here?

How many guppies should be kept together?

Guppy owners should keep at least a trio of these fish in groups, and ideally have five or more for the best care possible. The larger your tank size is determined by how many guppies you’re going to house there- three will need 3 gallons each while six requires 6gallons total!

How do you stop guppy aggression?

Do male guppies fight over females?

From the time they are born, male guppies can be seen chasing and nipping at each other in an attempt to get their attention. This behavior usually occurs during mating season when there is not much else going on around them or with what’s happening inside of your house! It seems like this little guy just wants some company – but will he join up?
Mating males often use shining colors as indicators that female might want some action from him; however it has been found by researchers studying these aquatic creatures closely how presence one specific type makes all others flock together because everyone knows.

Can I keep 3 male guppies together?

When keeping only male guppies in a tank, you will see lots of bullying and aggression. To reduce this problem it is recommended that there be at least 6 males per square foot (or meter) for space equality between them!

Are male guppies trying to mate?

Male guppies will bend their spine to the side and start flaring, dancing around in an attempt at mating. I can assure you there is nothing wrong with your fish; this behavior is common among males during breeding season when they are looking for a female partner-to create offspring!

Are guppies OK with bettas?

The good news is that bettas and guppies can live in the same tank. You’ll have to feed them separately, but other than this minor hassle it’s not too hard of an adjustment for fish owners who are willing put up with some additional care on their end (and money).

Do guppies like light or dark?

Guppies don’t need light at night. The darkness provides them with enough of a restful sleep to allow their bodies and minds the chance for repair, which will help keep you healthy too! Keeping aquarium lights on all throughout may result in poor quality slumber as well as sickness or even death if it’s not taken care off properly – six-to eight hours is recommended daily but no more than ten without serious risks involved (overheating).

How can you tell a guppy is pregnant?

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