Are guppy fish hardy?

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We all know how easy it is to get carried away with buying new fish. You’re looking at your tank and seeing what’s compatible, but then there are always those little details that need checking before you buy – like whether or not the guppies will be able survive in this environment?

Well luckily for us (and them!), we have an extensive article on hardy freshwater aquarium pets so read through carefully!

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Are Guppies Hardy?

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Guppies are definitely one of the hardery fish you can find for an aquarium, but this comes at a price. While they do survive in most conditions and there is nothing that will make them sick or kill them outright – despite what some people may claim- it’s important to know about all their vulnerabilities so as not put your pet into danger!

The guppies are a great fish for beginners. They’re hardy and easy to care, which makes them an excellent choice if you want your first pet!
But don’t let their low price tag fool you – these little guys pack quite the punch when it comes down how much information there is about them online or in books written on ornamental basses (though sometimes all that knowledge isn’t enough).

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What Makes Guppies So Hardy?

Guppies are fish that can survive in a wide range of conditions. Unlike some others, they don’t need extremely precise care to do so; as long as their basic needs for food and shelter (known scientifically) “are met,” guppy populations will be able thrive even if the environmental factors vary greatly from place-to-place or time period.” They’re also very peaceable – this means you shouldn’t keep these guys with other types of animal who might try pushing around any smaller creatures into itself because we know how stressful it gets when there’s no room left on top!

Guppies are hardy fish that can survive in both brackish water and freshwater. They’re not common outside of tropical climates, but when they do thrive it’s impressive! Unfortunately for you though there is still plenty things your guppy could get sick from – if we aren’t aware then our little guy won’t be nearly as tough like his dad (or grandma).

What Can Affect Your Guppies Health?

There are some things that your guppies can get which will likely cause them harm or even death. But luckily, if you’re aware of the risks and take precautions against them then this should not happen in most cases!

Poor Genetics

The guppy is a small fish that can easily fit in your palm. Unfortunately, if you have poor genetics then there’s not much else to do but prematurely kill them before they even reach maturity- which means buying new ones will just continue the cycle of bad luck for this type of pet store purchase! To avoid being disappointed with premature deaths or illness from lack of quality ingredients used throughout production processes like many big name brands do (which usually end up releasing manufactured mixes), try looking into locally owned stores where people actually care about what goes into making products available on shelves nearby homes — instead relying heavily upon online reviews

Being Left Alone

Guppies are meant to be companions, so it’s important that you have at least three of them in your tank. If they’re left on their own for too long then the immune system will weaken and there could even come a point when one or more die from illness because this fishes aren’t intended for solo aquariums!

The Tank Hasn’t Been Cycled

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When adding your fish to a non-cycled tank, it’s important that you do so slowly and carefully. You want the ammonia levels in these tanks under control as well otherwise they will be hard for babies or young ones who haven’t grown up with this environment before hand!

It is important to deal with high levels of ammonia. This will not only help you save your fish but also give them the best chance for survival!

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you give the bacteria in a new tank enough time before adding any other animals or plants, as they need this environment for their growth.

The process of cycling a new aquarium can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks and sometimes even longer. You could speed up the time by adding fish food to water, letting it rot naturally in order for more beneficial bacteria growth which will help cleanse your tank faster!

It’s important to test the water you’ll be using for fish keeping regularly, so that there are no dangerous levels of ammonia. A kit like API Master Test Kit will do just fine!

Poor Water Conditions

Guppies are delicate little creatures, but if their water isn’t clean or there’s too much bacteria in it then they can get sick. It might not happen right away and sometimes death is inevitable for these fish – make sure that you’re cleaning out your tank often so this doesn’t happen!

Creating the best conditions for your gills is easy with a few simple steps. Just make sure to change out any stagnant water in weekly, vacuum up all of that excess gravel (it’s not good when it starts building up) and remove uneaten food from their diet – then you’ll be on track!

Make Sure You’re Keeping The Parameters Good

You should keep your guppies happy by making sure that the pH levels and temperature of their tank are consistently where they need to be. 72-82°F is ideal, but these fish can live in much colder water if necessary!

Keep your pet’s pH level between 6.8-7. This is the ideal range, so anything outside of it will begin to cause them harm!

Disease And Illness

Guppies are not the hardiest of fish, but if you take care to provide them with quality tank water and a properly sized living space they should be just fine. Unfortunately there’s always some risk for illness even when providing your pet all that it needs- especially since many ailments can’t easily spread between different species like this one does!
If I had my choice though? Well let’s talk about how much more fun these little guys make during every day viewing instead…


Guppies are at risk for constipation, which is a condition in humans where the stool doesn’t move or change shape. In guppy conditions it can be life-threatening as well! You’ll want to make sure you’re feeding your pet good food and keeping water quality high so they don’t get this illness easily imported into their systems from other sources such as poor diet choices by human owners who fail recognize what those symptoms mean when something has been eaten incorrectly (or not enough).

Swim Bladder Disease

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Swim bladder disease is a condition that can affect your fish’s ability to swim. While the name may make it seem like there’s something wrong with their Swim Bladder, in actuality this term refers to various problems causing similar symptoms among guppies kept under poor environmental conditions such as high nitrate levels or an excess amount of minerals found within tap water sources (which will cause dietary imbalance).


Guppies are susceptible to dropsy when the conditions aren’t adequate. However, it can also happen as they get older or if hurt – which is why its important you take your fish into vet immediately so he/she doesn’t suffer any more than necessary!

Fin Rot

Guppies are often subject to a variety of diseases, including fin rot. This is when their tails and fins begin being eaten away by bacteria or other pests that infect them from the environment around your fish tank for example poor water quality can cause this type if disease which would normally be treatable with care before it progresses any further – but left unchecked too long will result in death!

What Other Fish Are Hardy?

While many people might think that guppies are hardy, the truth is they can’t compete with other fish in terms of longevity. This has mainly to do with their poor genetics and high levels orbreeding- which causes them pain eventually! Fortunately for you though there’s a solution: just choose one or two new arrivals from your local pet store before adding any more livebearing species into this fragile ecosystem…


Mollies are another popular fish that can be found in many homes. They typically have bright colors, making them just as beautiful and vibrant than guppies! However it’s important to note some species may not look so great- such balloon mollies due their vulnerable state because of how Networks work with organs inside your body (I know what you’re thinking).


The betta is a hardy fish that can live in vases without filters or heaters. They definitely need as much care, but if you provide them with good quality food and water they will thrive! Check out Betta Care Fish Guide for tons of information about how to take great care of your new favorite pet—the Bettas are just waiting patiently at home until someone takes the time show their appreciation by adopting one today!.

Zebra Danios

Zebra Danios are a hardy fish that can handle even harsh conditions. They’re often used as an in-fish tank cycle because of this ability, but it’s still recommended for beginners to go with other types first before trying out the danios!


Guppies are generally pretty hardy fish, but they can’t withstand as much stress. If you want a more tough pet that will be able to survive even with bad water quality or neglectful care then zebra danios make for an excellent choice!

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Are guppy fish hardy – FAQ

Are guppy fish hard to take care of?

Guppies are one of the most popular aquarium fish around. They’re incredibly easy to take care for, and will eat just about anything that fits in their mouth! These little guys also make excellent mosquito control because they can detect fasting blood from far away with those big eyes…

Are guppies resilient?

Guppies are known for their resilience and hardiness. They can withstand even the most extreme environmental fluctuations, making them perfect candidates as pets with high levels of tenacity that will never give up on you!

Can guppy survive winter?

Guppies need a temperature range of 72°F – 82 degrees Fahrenheit (22 °C-28 °cend 31 degree Celsius), though they can tolerate temperatures down to 60⁰. If the water gets too cold, it will cause immense stress and breeding problems for these delicate fish!

Are guppies good beginner fish?

Guppies are a great fish for beginners because they’re so simple to care for. If you have 10 gallons or less, then only male guppies should be in the tank since it’s easier than managing two genders and their needs will not vary much depending on what type of breeding setup is being used!

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