Description, Habitat, Image, Diet, and Interesting Facts

The Koi, or Japanese Koi, is a domestic variant of the Amur carp. Generally, these fish have brightly-colored scales with various patterns. Many variants and color morphs exist across the globe. Though related, these fish differ from goldfish, as they originate from a different species of carp. Read on to learn about the Koi. Description … Read more

Koi Fish Care: Guide to Keeping Nishikigoi

Common Name(s) Koi, Fancy Carp, Nishikigoi (錦鯉) Scientific Name Cyprinus carpio Cyprinus rubrofuscus Origin Central Europe, Eastern Asia, Japan Temperature Range 59-77°F Water Parameters pH 7.5-8.0 Adult Size 15-30 inches Diet Omnivorous feeder. Feed pellet, insects, shrimp, rice peas, watermelon. Koi Fish Facts Koi fish can regularly live to be 70 years or more, making … Read more