Land-based Shark Fishing

Tackle Tactics » Tips-Techniques » Beach-Rock-Land-Based » Land-based Shark Fishing Related Products… Land-based Shark Fishing By Bobby Sproule From Spring through to late summer, the East Australian Current creeps slowly down our east coast, bringing with it large species of shark, including tiger sharks, hammerheads, grey nurse, white pointers and our favourite to target locally, … Read more

Small Fish Seek Out Great White Sharks, Rub Against Them To Maintain Health: Study

As loaded as outer-space is with phenomena still unknown to humankind, the deep sea, and marine ecosystem are equally mystical. For example, in a recent study, a weird relationship between the prey and the predator was observed, other than just playing their roles in the food chain. A collaborative team of researchers at the University … Read more

Shore-based shark fishing barred from using bloody bait

TALLAHASSEE — Shore-based anglers will no longer be able to use fish parts, bones and blood to attract sharks, as critics of shark fishing would like to see lines cast farther away from beachgoers. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, meeting Wednesday in Gainesville, approved several shore-based shark fishing changes that will go into … Read more

Shark Facts and Nutritional Value

The Shark fish Quick Facts Name: The Shark fish Scientific Name: Euselachii Calories 194 Kcal./cup Major nutrients Selenium (52.55%) Isoleucine (44.08%) Vitamin B-12 (42.92%) Lysine (41.54%) Tryptophan (40.91%) The earliest known sharks date back to 420 million years ago. Sharks have been diversified into more than 500 species. It ranges in size from small dwarf … Read more

How Sharks Work

Great White Sharks can be found in many parts of the world. See pictures of sharks. Every summer millions of overworked minions all over the world take time off from the job, pack up the car and hit the beach for a nice, relaxing family vacation. A little saltwater, sunshine and sand in the toes … Read more

Fish defy death to rub up against great white sharks. Here’s why.

Fish keep their friends close and their enemies closer … but only because they need to exfoliate. Researchers recently discovered that different species of fish use sharks as scrub brushes by pushing up against the sea predator’s scaly bodies to get rid of parasites and other irritants. Though this dangerous behavior has been observed before, … Read more