What temperature do amano shrimp like?

what temperature do amano shrimp like

One of the best choices for managing algae is Amano shrimp. With a life expectancy between 2-3 years, these little guys have been known as an excellent cleaner in many tanks around! However there are some strict requirements that you need to meet before owning one: they prefer slightly soft water with low nitrate levels … Read more

What should i feed my amano shrimps?

what should i feed my amano shrimps

  What should I feed my new shrimp? Amano shrimps are a type of delicious, freshwater crustacean that can be found in many countries around the world. They’re often white or gray pinkish colors with hints of brown and green on their bodies which give off an otherworldly look when swimming among others fish fry! … Read more

How often should you feed amano shrimp?

how often should you feed amano shrimp

Keep an eye on your shrimp’s appetite. Feeding them twice a week is enough to keep their hunger satisfied and happy! These cleanup experts are great at scouring through the messes you create, but sometimes they need some help from us humans with food supplies especially if there has been significant die off or recycling … Read more

Why is my amano shrimp blue?

why is my amano shrimp blue

Blue is definitely a colored pigment that’s found in many creatures. The most well known example might be bluefin tuna with its Clear Sea Louge but there are also crustaceans like prawns and crabs who have this unique hemocyanin molecule to transport oxygen instead of our normal red blood cells which contain both protein molecules … Read more

Why is my amano shrimp turning white?

why is my amano shrimp turning white

Your cherry shrimp are likely molting, which is a natural process in which they shed their old exoskeleton and grow new ones. You’ll know when this happens because white rings develop on the bodies of these tiny creatures- typically around where there’s neck area! FAQ – why is my amano shrimp turning white? How do … Read more

How to tell if amano shrimp is pregnant?

how to tell if amano shrimp is pregnant

Have you ever wondered if your Amano shrimp is pregnant? Whether it’s a beginner or experienced breeder, there are easy ways to tell whether an individual has conceived and nurtured her eggs into larvae. The first sign of pregnancy will be seen in the form og rounded orange bodies with black spots on them these … Read more

Why is my amano shrimp turning pink?

why is my amano shrimp turning pink

There are many reasons why your Amano Shrimp might change colors, but one major cause is stress. Stress can commonly lead to an increase in color changes for these normally semi-transparent shrimp as different foods pass through them and make their bodies appear slightly differently colored than usual giving off a redder tone when it’s … Read more