Baked Salmon Foil Packets With Vegetables (+ Grill Option!)

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There are probably a million and one salmon foil packet recipes out there, but I couldn’t resist sharing my own. Making flaky baked salmon foil packets with vegetables in the oven is one of my favorite ways to make a low carb sheet pan dinner. You can make them that way year round. With summer around the corner, though, I’ll also show you how to make salmon foil packets on the grill. They’re the perfect summer low carb dinner!

Our regular recipe rotation always includes salmon foil packets in the oven, because it’s less to clean and less to cook. My kids will eat them, my friends like them, it’s a win all around. And if you’re making dinner for a crowd, it’s easy to make bigger batches of salmon foil packet recipes.

And if you do a lot of camping or have picnics, add grilled salmon packets to your summer grilling list! As long as you have some foil, a grill, and a few super simple ingredients, you can make easy salmon anywhere.

Frozen or Fresh Salmon For Baked Salmon Foil Packets?

You can use frozen or fresh salmon for baked salmon foil packets! I prefer fresh, simply because I can skip defrosting it, and usually find great deals at warehouse clubs.

TIP: If you decide to use frozen salmon, you will need to thaw it before baking or grilling easy salmon foil packets.

To thaw frozen salmon fillets, you have two options:

  1. Fill a bowl with cool water and place the sealed salmon fillet(s) inside. This will take around 30 minutes to defrost. If it isn’t done, change out the water and do it again.
  2. Refrigerate the salmon patties the night before you plan on cooking and it should be defrosted by then.

You can use fresh or frozen salmon with most salmon foil packet recipes, so just grab what you have on hand.

How To Bake Salmon In Foil

Oven grilled salmon looks fancy, but is surprisingly easy to make! Are you ready to see how to bake salmon in foil?

To get started, preheat your oven or grill depending on how you want to make this salmon packets recipe. I use higher heat (400 degrees F) in the oven, but only Medium on the grill because the grill can dry out the salmon a bit more easily.

Lay out 4 large pieces of aluminum foil and place the salmon pieces in the center. Add veggies evenly to each packet.

Here are a few tips to consider when it comes to the vegetables:

  • Slice zucchini super thin so it cooks all the way through.
  • When choosing asparagus, pick skinnier stalks.
  • If you prefer softer tomatoes, cut them in half before baking.

Next, whisk together some olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, lemon juice, minced garlic, parsley, and dill in a small bowl.

Top salmon with half of the mixture.

PRO TIP: Try to get most of the minced garlic onto the salmon for the best flavor. The veggies need less of it.

Pour the rest of the olive oil mixture on top of the vegetables. Sprinkle a bit more salt and pepper over everything.

Fold over and seal the foil packets – this is important to keep the moisture in, so that your salmon is not dry.

You can cook them in the oven or on the grill – here is how to cook salmon foil packets…

How To Make Salmon Foil Packets In The Oven

To bake the salmon foil packets, place them on a baking sheet and cook in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes.

How To Make Salmon Foil Packets On The Grill

To grill salmon foil packets on the grill, place the foil packets directly on the grates and cover with a lid. Grill for 13 to 18 minutes.

How To Tell If Salmon Foil Packets With Vegetables Are Done

You can tell if salmon foil packets with vegetables are done by trying to flake it with a fork – it should flake easily.

Cooked salmon will be a light pink color in the center. If you haven’t cooked salmon often, you might be hesitant to eat pink meat, but it’s completely fine.

TIP: Don’t cook salmon foil packet recipes so long that the salmon is white in the center. It will be rubbery and dry.

The vegetables are done when you can pierce them easily with a fork. However, I recommend using the salmon as the main sign of doneness for salmon foil packets with vegetables.

Salmon Foil Packets Variations

If you prefer different vegetables for your salmon foil packets in the oven (or salmon foil packets on the grill), go for it! There are lots of low carb veggies you can include. Try these:

  • Radishes
  • Broccoli
  • Fresh Green Beans
  • Mushrooms
  • Bell Peppers
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Cauliflower

TIP: For these firmer vegetables (above), it’s best to pre-cook them partially before placing them inside the foil packets. This is because they will take longer to cook than salmon does. You can roast them for about 15 minutes on their own, steam them, or even microwave them, before adding to the foil packets with the salmon and cooking the packets.

Can You Make Salmon Foil Packets Ahead?

Yes, you can make salmon foil packets on the grill ahead if you want to. Salmon and veggie foil packets are best when they are served fresh, but can still be delicious later – if you reheat them correctly.

You can store the cooked packets in the fridge for 2 to 4 days. But, also watch for any changes in smell or appearance.

PRO TIP: To reheat leftover salmon foil packets, reseal them and reheat in a 275-degree oven for 15 minutes. Do not use higher heat to avoid drying out.

Can You Freeze Baked Salmon Foil Packets?

Yes, you can freeze baked salmon foil packets. When freezing perfectly cooked salmon, I recommend a vacuum sealer, or at least freezer bags with the air pushed out. I recommend leaving the salmon and veggies in foil so that you can reseal them to reheat.

Thaw the salmon foil packets in the fridge overnight, then reheat in a low-temperature oven using the make-ahead method above.

More Low Carb Salmon Dishes

If you love these salmon foil packets in the oven, here are more low carb salmon recipes for you:

Don’t forget the low carb side dishes, too!

Tools To Make Baked Salmon Foil Packets With Vegetables

Tap the links below to see the items used to make this recipe.

  • Baking Sheets – A versatile set of 2 convenient sizes, plus they are inexpensive and non-stick.
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil – I recommend heavy duty for the grill since you’re putting it directly on there. Less important for salmon foil packets in the oven, but I still like that it’s sturdy.

Baked Salmon Foil Packets With Vegetables (+ Grill Option!)

Healthy salmon foil packets with vegetables in 25 minutes! Make delicious & EASY baked salmon foil packets in the oven or salmon foil packets on the grill.

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Tap on the times in the instructions below to start a kitchen timer while you cook.

  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F (204 degrees C), or preheat the grill to medium.

  2. Lay out 4 large squares of foil (at least 12×12 inches (30×30 cm)). Place a salmon fillet in the center of each piece of foil. Divide the veggies evenly among the foil around the salmon.

  3. In a small bowl, whisk together the olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, lemon juice, lemon zest, minced garlic, parsley and dill.

  4. Use about half of the oil mixture to brush the salmon, getting most of the garlic onto the salmon. Pour the remaining oil mixture evenly over the veggies. Lightly sprinkle more salt and pepper over the salmon and veggies.

  5. Fold the foil over and seal shut to form packets. Place onto a baking sheet.

  6. Bake for about 15-20 minutes, or grill (covered) for 13-18 minutes, until the salmon flakes easily with a fork or is done to your liking.

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