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Frost, lost to a tragic jumping incident.Q: LF wrote, Help my betta jumped out of the bowl. I found him on the floor still alive and put him in his bowl. He’s on the bottom kind of breathing heavily. He’s not on his side or anything. What can I do? A: Oh, how stressful for the little guy. Weather or not he’ll make it depends on how long he was out (how dry his gills got), his … [Read more…] about When Bettas Jump the Tank

Betta splendens

Anabantoid Nursery: Cutting the Current

Stop filter current by easily modifying a tank dividerQ: BB wrote, I keep my male betta in a large community aquarium. I’m afraid he can’t build a bubblenest on account of the current. Is there any advice you can offer? A: Hunny, I’ve got more advice then I know what to do with. Because I don’t breed bettas I generally don’t bother worrying about bubble nests in their … [Read more…] about Anabantoid Nursery: Cutting the Current

Planaria and Aquaria

Q: W wrote, I think my tank is infested with parasites. There are tiny white worms crawling on my aquarium glass. Should I treat with Rid-Ich or another parasite medication? A: It sounds like you are describing planaria. Planaria are small freshwater organisms that are found all over the world and commonly make their way into home aquariums. They are non-parasitic and don’t … [Read more…] about Planaria and Aquaria

Leaving Your Bettas While on Vacation

Q: GA wrote, Christie, I’m leaving town for four days and am afraid to ask a friend to feed my bettas for me. I like to feed a combination of live and frozen foods and I think it might be too much to ask of any of my close friends or relatives. Will my fish be ok if I don’t feed them for that long? I haven’t ever gone more then 2 days fasting them. Thanks for all your … [Read more…] about Leaving Your Bettas While on Vacation

Do Bettas Need Light?

Q: A wrote, Hi. I was wondering if I need a light for my betta tank. Will it hurt my betta if I don’t provide a lamp? A: Bettas do have a natural cycle that revolves around day and night. Many of us replicate that cycle by providing a light hood or lamp. When darkness falls he will sleep, which is important for all animals to remain healthy. Ambient light from the room should … [Read more…] about Do Bettas Need Light?

Very high pH Tap Water Unsafe for Aquarium Fish

Q: T wrote, I don’t think my tap water is safe for fish. I tested the pH out of the tap and it was 8.9 and my KH was almost non-existent. What can I do so that it won’t shock my fish? Should I treat with pH Down? A: A lot of water treatment facilities take measures to alter the pH of your drinking water to make it safer for you to drink. Acidic water can leach lead directly … [Read more…] about Very high pH Tap Water Unsafe for Aquarium Fish

Involve the Kids: Caring for Bettas

Above: Marineland Eclipse 6 Aquarium KitQ: SM wrote, My 7 year old son has been asking for a pet and my husband and I have agreed to a small aquarium. After doing some research it seems like a betta might be the best way to go. They’re easy to care for and I like the way they look. Can you recommend a start up aquarium kit? I anticipate that I will care for the fish mainly … [Read more…] about Involve the Kids: Caring for Bettas

Black Worms Better for Bettas?

Q: SN wrote, Dear Nippyfish, Are live black worms safe to feed to my betta or could they cause a parasitic infestation? If they are safe, what is the best way to keep them alive and how many should I feed at a time? Should I feed them only as a treat? Thanks. A: In my opinion black worms are a terrific addition to a betta’s diet. Some aquarists, however, fear that they will … [Read more…] about Black Worms Better for Bettas?

How to Pronounce Betta

Q: T wrote, Hi Christie, I was wondering how you pronounce Betta. Do you say “bed-dah” or “bay-dah”? I know the real way is “bed-dah” but I can’t get used to saying it that way. Even the people at PetsMart say “bay-dah.” A: It’s true, the proper pronunciation of Betta is “bed-tah” and not “bay-tah.” It’s believed that they have been named after a tribe of warriors with a … [Read more…] about How to Pronounce Betta

Global Warming: Wake Up Washington!

A Rant: I read something so disturbing today that I decided to write about it rather then post the usual Betta splenden Q&A. It most certainly is still relevant, it’s just a break from the norm. The Washington, DC Express Newspaper posts a daily poll and Friday’s question asked, “Do you think human activity is causing global warming?” A resounding 67% of Washingtonians … [Read more…] about Global Warming: Wake Up Washington!

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