Bulk Packed Smoked Wild Salmon, Varying Species

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$ 70.00

Our bulk-packs of smoked salmon are one pound each, and contain mostly 2-4 ounce tail and trim pieces. The pieces are all boneless and skin on, which makes them easy to work with if you are making large batches of food and need a quick way to incorporate smoked salmon into your dish. Think green salad, smoked salmon chowder, pasta or breakfast hash!

The species will vary as our stock rotates, but we often have a few varieties on hand so if you have a preference don’t hesitate to let us know. If no preference is stated we’ll do our best to mix it up.

Bulk-packs of smoked salmon ship and store frozen, and are vacuum sealed for up to a year of frozen shelf life. Under refrigeration, they should be consumed within two months, or one week once the package is opened.

$ 100.00

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$ 96.00

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