Cabela’s apologizes for turning away cadets selling poppies at Edmonton store

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EDMONTON – The CEO of Cabela’s – a sports and hunting store – said the company has contributed $10,000 to the Royal Canadian Legion’s Poppy Fund.

The decision came after the company apologized for sending cadets selling poppies away.

On Sunday, the cadets were turned away from Cabela’s north Edmonton location.

Cabela’s called the incident a ‘miscommunication’ and said it’s proud to support the cadets and the Canadian military.

In a Facebook statement, the company said:

“This was an unfortunate case of miscommunication on our part at our Edmonton North location.

Our store in Edmonton south did have the cadets on-site over the weekend, and we have had poppies available in both locations since last week.

Our Canadian team at our head office in Winnipeg and our local stores across Canada have a long standing and proud record of support for the cadets and our Canadian military. We truly value what they do and have done for us.

We apologize for what happened and are in communication to reschedule the cadets to be on-site at our North Edmonton store.”

The situation sparked hundreds of comments and shares on social media.

Facebook users responded to the statement and felt the apology wasn’t enough.

“There is NO excuse. Apology not accepted! There was no ‘miscommunication’ – the manager told them to leave! How was that a miscommunication?” wrote one user.

“What a load of PR mumbo jumbo, who on earth “miscommunicates” and sends Cadets packing selling Poppies? You guys grabbed the third rail,” read another comment.

“Apologies… Talk is cheap, your companies actions spoke MUCH LOUDER than words,” wrote a third person.

Later on Monday, Cabela’s CEO Tommy Miller posted a statement online:

“Knowing Cabela’s long-standing commitment to supporting the Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Legion, I was deeply concerned when I learned of the misunderstanding that led to cadets planning to distribute Remembrance Day poppies being turned away from one of our stores.

“Of course, cadets are welcome to distribute poppies at our stores, just as they have done in the past, and to make up for the missed opportunity Cabela’s will proudly contribute $10,000 to the Royal Canadian Legion’s Poppy Fund.

“Cabela’s Canada, headquartered in Winnipeg, remains absolutely committed to the Canadian military, I assure you that. In 2013, for example, Cabela’s Canada partnered with Veteran Affairs Canada’s Hire a Veteran initiative, which gives veterans opportunities to make a successful transition to civilian life.

“Again, on behalf of myself and Cabela Canada’s more than 1,600 employees, I deeply apologize for this unintentional mistake and thank everyone for their understanding and continued support.”

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