Can angelfish live with goldfish?

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Goldfish are a popular fish for beginners and experts alike. For their carefree nature, as well as the beautifully intricate appearance that they exhibit when in captivity- it’s no surprise why keepers might want to house both goldfishes together!

But can these two distinct species live happily side by her? The short answer here is “no.” Gold Fish come from an area with drastically different water parameters; therefore if you were ever planning on housing them simultaneously then there would be many problems faced by any aquarium remedy professional who attempts such feat.

How Can I Keep Goldfish With Angelfish?


Goldfish are naturally coldwater fish, but can thrive in higher temperatures if they’re acclimated. Goldens enjoy tropical locations with an average temperature around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (although their tolerance for heat is less than that of other fancy varieties).

Angelfishes come from the Amazon River where water typically ranges between 75°-80 °F during summer months; this would be perfect aquarium conditions! Though both types prefer it warm enough to swim comfortably without having excessge bubbles above them or touching any surfaces nearby—so 78 – 80 degree Fahrenheit seems ideal.


The angel fish is a peaceful, community living creature that can sometimes cause problems when it comes to territory and breeding. To keep their aggression in check though there should always be at least 5-8 individuals per group of these pests because goldfish tend not only attack but also feed on what they consider food (meaning if you have too many angelfishes then your aquarium might run low).

Tank size

The angelfish is a peaceful fish that grows to be about 10 inches long. It has an attractive coloration and lives in large schools, but it’s important not make the mistake of thinking they’re otherwise harmless because their size means you’ll need at least 30 gallons for each one!
The common goldfish usually ranges from 12-14 centimeters (5in) tall when full grown; this would mean your tank should have more room than what most people recommend: 60 liters rather 100+L if there will only be 1 Trout Val terminated with these larger varieties Because almost every type needs significantly deeper water since.

Will Angelfish Kill Goldfish?

Angelfish are a great fish for adding some color to your aquarium, but they do have their drawbacks. For one thing angel flake can get aggressive at times and other times display an lack-of interest in fighting with others of its kind (although this does not mean that all angels will be peaceful!).

If you want these beautiful creatures as part of the community then make sure there’s space available; otherwise it might cause stress which would affect both water parameters such has pH or hardness levels fluctuating wildly throughout different periods within 24 hours.

What Kind of Fish Can Live With Goldfish?

To avoid any unwanted surprises, it is important that you know what types of fish can be kept together before adding a new community member.

For example if goldfish are found to live in closer proximity with other coldwater species then there’s no need for them enter the aquarium industry! However before we dive right into this part let me give some advice on behalf carnivorous fishes which should not ever come near yours even though they may appear similar enough such as Both being omnivores but have very different dietary requirements while also known by other common names like “livebearer”.

Goldfishes are loud,active fish that can Compatibility with Other Fish species. Here is a list of several types to avoid keeping them together:
It should also be noted here how much louder and more lively these fasters compared other variety in their family such asBlack Moors(Moorloases),Carp Patterns etc… These slower moving or standing still type will simply feel overwhelmed by all the commotion around it!

  • Pufferfish

Pufferfish are a fin-nipping species and will typically nip at the fins of all their tankmates. As such, they should only be kept in schools with similar sized companions to themselves; otherwise there could potentially be significant injury from these sharp teeth!

  • Piranhas

Goldfish are very social fish that can be kept in pairs or small groups. They have an aggressive personality and will often attack other aquarium inhabitants if they’re not treated with care, but this shouldn’t pose too much problem since it’s easy enough to separate them before things get out-of control!

  • Oscar

Goldfish are small, rhetical fish that live in bowls. They’re not really meant for company – but if you want one as your best friend then go ahead! Goldie will eat anything smaller than herself including other Oscar nominated pets (though they may get jealous).

You view: can angelfish live with goldfish?

  • Arowanas

Goldfish are small, schooling fish that can be kept with other species. They do not get along well though and should never be housed in the same tank as an Arowana due to their size difference- gold fruitful usually measure up at around 1 inches while Aria’s tend towards 3 feet long!

  • Larger carnivores

Goldfishes are some of the most peaceful and hardy fish around. They can be kept with just about any other type, as long it is appropriate for their environment–from being tank-bred or living in a community setting! If you’re not sure whether your new friend would make an excellent addition to your aquarium family feel free ask us here at Fish Talk Today by using our contact form on www…com . We’ve got everything covered from what types eat algae off walls (not many!)to why male goldens tend towards becoming pregnant males instead egg layers like females do after they mate once during breeding season only because.

  • Temperament: Goldfish are much too small and delicate to keep with an aggressive fish such as a betta. A single gold fleck might be enough for your average-sized household pet, but if you’re planning on getting more than one type of colorful brilliance in there it’d better match their coloration or they’ll hack up against each other until every last swimmer is dead!
  • Diet: Goldfish are not prey for other fish, but they may be threatened or killed by larger predators. However if you want to keep them with your goldie then make sure there’s plenty of room between the tank wall and their habitat so that these smaller creatures can escape from danger if needed!
  • Size: Goldfish are small-sized fishes that should not be kept with larger ones. If you want to keep multiple types of fish in your tank, make sure they all have a similar size range and stay consistent when it comes down the number kHz each type is allowed!

What Kind of Fish Can Live With Angelfish?

Angelfish are generally peaceful, though they can be aggressive to smaller schooling fishes. They come from the amazon and prefer warm water with plenty of space for movement – this is where their name “angel” comes from! Most angelfish will not eat any prey that isn’t at least 2 inches in size so unless you have one big enough or several small ones around 1 inch+, your neon tetra should be safe provided it stays away from these predators’ ranges.

Here are some common tank mates that are commonly kept with angelfish:

  • Adult platies
  • Plecos
  • Dwarf gouramis
  • Swordtails
  • Ram CichlidS
  • Bettas
  • Mollies
  • Bettas

There is a lot of misinformation out there about what fish can and cannot live in an aquarium. While we’re not going to pretend that all those little guys under 10 inches long aren’t important, from experience with our own tank–and many other tanks like it!–we know larger angelfishes tend towards eating them occasionally so if you want your buddy’s diet consist mainly or solely on small prey such as braches then make sure he has room enough outside his head fins!


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Can Angelfish be Kept Alone?

Angelfish are beautiful and fascinating fishes that can be kept alone or in groups. They’re not recommended for beginners as they need at least two adults per tank, but if you have the space it’s worth keeping just one angel on its own with plenty of plants growin’ around ’em! We recommend 30 gallons – this will provide enough room so your fish doesn’t feel crowded while also giving him naturalistic settings which reduce stress levels greatly.
We think these little guys look amazing when planted against lush jungle vegetation towering over his shoulders like fins from above.

Final Words

While it is possible to keep goldfish with angelfish, this arrangement isn’t recommended due the disparity in their respective water parameters. That said there are still many other fishes that can be kept either together or separately for all manner of different kinds!

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