Can angelfish live with guppies?

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When you’re thinking about adding a new fish to your tank, it can be tempting (and not entirely unwise)to just get any old variety that is available. However! This article will teach us why we should maybe think twice before throwing together two different types of creatures with opposite water needs in order for them both survive long term happiness.. So keep reading if this has been something on topic lately – I hope so too!!

Can Guppies And Angelfish Live Together?

While guppies and angelfish can live together in some circumstances, it is unlikely that they will get on well. The two fish species have very different personalities: while the peacefulness of a Goldfish applies to most community tanks as they are small enough not be aggressive towards other tank inhabitants or themselves when threatened (unless stressed), this isn’t true for both types if Angel eyelash mossums due mainly because their size often breeds aggression amongst larger adulthoods males who compete over territory access rights etc.. Furthermore keeping one without its natural environment would likely affect behavior.

Why Should You Avoid Keeping Guppies And Angelfish Together?

Angelfish and guppies don’t get along well. There are multiple reasons why it’s not a good idea to keep them together, but here is just one of the biggest ones: angel fish see themselves as royalty so they’ll often attacks anything that looks lower on the food chain than themselves which includes other types f Protected Fish (guppy)
There was an article about how certain species interact badly with others; we’ve included some links below if you want more info!


Guppies are friendly, peaceful fish that get on well with most other aquarium inhabitants. Unfortunately for them though it doesn’t always work out so well – angelfish often take a dislike to their guppy companions and will usually bully or kill any smaller kind if they come across one!


With such huge size differences between the two, it is easy to see how problems could arise. Guppies will only grow up 2 inches in length while Angelfish can reach 6″. This means there may be an issue if you have small-sized fish or ornamental varieties that would normally not competing with one another for food sources–they’ll end up being eaten!
The risk isn’t just about these delicate little guys getting tasty treats either; because of their slower swimming speeds compared with other types (and shorter lifespans), they require more room per individual.

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Guppy Fry Will Be Eaten

Guppies are livebearing fish and the fry will likely end up being eaten by other tank inhabitants. If you’re squeamish, this could be a problem because they might even grow into adults that can’t swim properly due to illness from overfeeding; but on the upside there’s always an excellent snack waiting for them in your angelfishes stomach!

They Prefer Different Water Hardness

The problem with adding a new fish or changing the water conditions for an existing one is that it may not be what both of them prefer. For example, if you have soft-water guppies and hard angelfish they will likely get sick because their needs don’t match up well in this environment; while on the other hand purebred lookalikes such as Goldfish can live perfectly happy even though these two types are very different when considering how much care each requires!

How Can You Keep Them Together?

Guppies and angelfish are brightly colored fish that can be kept together in a tank. There is one way to do this, but it’s not recommended for beginners with these types of freshwater tropical tanks because they need more space than what most people provide them at home – here’s how you make sure everything goes smoothly!

Use A Tank Divider

When you want to keep two different types of fish together, it is best practice for them not be within close proximity. To do this task successfully requires a large tank with plenty room on either side and lots upon water depth so that your guppies or angelfishes can swim around without getting into any altercations; but if they must remain cohabitating then use an aquarium divider! The right size will depend largely upon how many individual containers one owns – find out what works well before making decisions based solely off surface size requirements because these may change depending which type(s).

If You Still Plan On Putting Them Together

There is no way to ensure that these two species will peacefully share the same tank. However, if you want them in your home then here’s how best for it work out – purchase an aquarium with at least 50 gallons of water space so they can swim around without bumping into one another; provide plenty food (feeder worms) and oxygen levels by running a filter constantly or adding some bogwood per day until there’s enough vegetation present to maintain itself naturally through photosynthesis alone .

Finally , never forget about dietary differences between freshwater angelfishes versus saltwater guppies!

To keep your butterfly-friendly setup running smoothly, it is imperative that you add lots of plants and ornaments.

These will help break up lines of sight so the fish can more easily get away from angelfish-and if they do escape into another tank with other species like Oscar IIs ( Oscars), then at least their new neighbors won’t be able to find them through keen eyesight!

One excellent choice for plant material would be Java Moss but there’s also Javan Ferns/Anubias which work well too in order make sure any oddballs stay hidden when not hiding among vegetation; finally try out Hornwort though we recommend against using it permanently since this type requires frequent trimming.

What Fish Can You Keep With Angelfish?

What type of fish can I keep with angelfish?
There are many types, but here is what you need to know. If your tank has anCoinjan or other similar species then there may be some difficulties in terms on compatibility because these two closely related groups tend not mix well when existing within close proximity; however if they don’t bother each other greatly it’s quite possible for both parties involved–the Sailfin tang (Anjah slewret)and its cousin the Half Moon open water prefer very calm environments so this would likely make up partit.

Similarly Sized

You should try to pick fish that are similarly sized so your angelfish won’t attack them. You’ll also be able take care of both meals with one piece, instead if having two or three smaller ones before!

The Right Aggression Levels

You should also make sure you’re putting in fish with the right aggression levels. If a single petstore bass is too aggressive, they may end up bullying and fin nipping your angelfish; but if not as rough around the edges then it will get bullied itself! So try to stick by good community dwellers like siamese fightingfish or bristlenose plecos who can stand up against any other type of creature for territory rights without getting intimidated – even though these guys usually don’t mix well (or at least I haven.

What Part Of The Tank They Occupy

Fish can make for interesting tankmates, but you should consider what type of fish are in your area. Angelfish like to live at the middle and top parts of tanks so if bottom dwellers come along then there won’t be any bullying going on!
In fact they’re often best friends with angelfish since both groups tend not to get picked on too much by other species (except maybe betta poop fighters).


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Compatible Angelfish Tank Mates

Some of the most compatible tank mates for your angelfish include: cory Cats Shades Mollies Plecos Schools Of Redtail Bluespotted Barbels Ram Copepods Pinktoe Raisosa Shiner Neon Marshgrass tetras Black Skirt Tetra Other peaceful freshwater fish such as Dartramas Catfish Long Finned Chromide Flowre Iridoviridis Mollycoddle Mojariba Drums schooling types are best suited towards him but there’s no harm in trying other species!

  • Corydoras Catfish
  • Plecos
  • Platies
  • Loaches
  • Mollies

If you want a tank full of peaceful fish, make sure to only keep the angelfishes in your aquarium. The others will be able hold their own against them while keeping things nice and calm for everyone involved!


While it is true that angelfish and guppies don’t get along well, there are several exceptions to this rule. For example if you plan on using a tank divider or other piece of equipment designed specifically for separating different types of fish then your angels will not be bullied by their neighbors since they have plenty space to themselves!
On top off all this we should point out how beautiful these two species can look together when kept in compatible tanks – just take note though: keep them away from any sharp objects located close by as accidents sometimes happen despite our best intentions.

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