What Foods Should I Avoid if I Have a Shellfish Allergy?

How Do You Prevent an Allergic Reaction to Shellfish? Shellfish allergies are a particularly dangerous type of food allergy, affecting people of all ages at any time in their life. And while shellfish allergy treatments are available, it is still important to be cautious about the foods you consume. If adults or children in Atlanta … Read more

Keep Clam! What to Know About Shellfish Allergies, Like What You Can (& Can’t) Eat

Scary Mommy’s Guide to Shellfish Allergies in Kids Shellfish is one of those love-it-or-hate-it kinds of foods: It’s either something you gravitate towards on any menu or avoid like the plague. Sort of like eggs. But for some people, steering clear of shellfish is more than a matter of taste — thanks to having a … Read more

Foods to Avoid When You Have a Shellfish Allergy

Allergies Food Allergies Living With Foods to Avoid When You Have a Shellfish Allergy By Jeanette Bradley Jeanette Bradley Jeanette Bradley is a noted food allergy advocate and author of the cookbook, “Food Allergy Kitchen Wizardry: 125 Recipes for People with Allergies” Learn about our editorial process Updated on October 26, 2021 Medically reviewed by … Read more

Understanding Shellfish Allergies In Babies

Affecting around 2%, or 6.6 million, Americans, shellfish allergies are among the nine most common food allergies in adults and children in the United States. There are two groups of shellfish. Crustaceans, like shrimp, lobster, and crab, and mollusks like scallops, oysters, clams and mussels. Crustaceans, especially shrimp, cause the greatest number of allergic reactions, … Read more

How can you outgrow these-Seafood Allergy, Shellfish Allergy, And Peanut Allergy? – Mongolian Village West

We often think of discarding seafood allergies. Don’t we? However, the possibility of outgrowing food allergies depends in considerable part to both the severity of the allergy and the particular food that causes it. Seafood includes fishes such as tuna or cod and shellfish that includes lobster or clams. As a matter of fact, including … Read more