Why do we eat fish and not meat on Good Friday? The real reason behind the British tradition of heading the chippie for tea and fasting

It’s a tradition millions of us follow – eating fish on Good Friday. It’s as much a part of Easter as chocolate eggs and the Easter bunny, only this tradition goes back much further. Christians have abstained from eating meat on Good Friday for centuries and many people, whether or not they are religious, still … Read more

Catholic Lent Fasting Rules Made Easy (Complete Guide!)

“What can you eat during Lent?” If you’re like many Catholics, it’s a question you ask yourself year after year. After all, the Catholic Lent fasting rules aren’t easy to remember. “Can you eat chicken during Lent?” “Can you eat chicken during Lent?” “Can Catholics eat meat on Ash Wednesday?” “What CAN Catholics eat during … Read more

Fish Fridays: These Houston Eateries Are Offering Seafood, Vegetarian and Meat-Free Eats This Lenten Season

Arnaldo Richards’ Picos, 3601 Kirby In recognition of Lenten season, the authentic Mexican restaurant has created a special seafood Lent Menu available from February 22 to April 8, available both during lunch and dinner. Highlights include Mussels al Chipotle, Chili Crusted Seared Tuna and Pescado a la Talla; plus Fish Fridays from 11 a.m. to … Read more