What Do Parrotfish Eat?

Have you ever seen a more colorful and interesting fish before? The parrotfish is one of the most distinct fish in our oceans. There are around 80 identified species of parrotfish in the Scaridae family. The Indo-Pacific area is home to most of these species. Although they are named after their colorful parrot-like colors and … Read more

What Do Parrotfish Eat?

Diverse sea fish called parrotfish are distinguished by their vivid colors and distinctive jaws that resemble beaks. With these beak like mouth, did you ever wonder what do parrotfsh eat? They are widespread in tropical and subtropical environments and are crucial in the development of coral reef communities. The diet of parrotfish, which consists mainly … Read more

A Fish That Shapes The Reef

Every three years, we visit Wake Atoll to survey corals, assess the fish populations, and collect oceanographic data for a long-term monitoring effort—the Pacific Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program. Wake Atoll has clear water, healthy coral reefs, and is managed and conserved as part of the expansive Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. It has … Read more

Parrotfish 101: Species Profile and Complete Care Guide 2023

Marine parrotfish are an interesting and beautiful marine fish species known for their beak mouths (hence the name!). However, they have fairly complicated needs, especially regarding feeding. As this fish can be hard to feed in captivity, it’s important you do your research on their specific dietary requirements, maintenance, and overall care to ensure they … Read more

To Save Coral Reefs, Start With Parrotfish — Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

To Save Coral Reefs, Start With Parrotfish Originally published on the (now archived) National Geographic blog. July 2, 2014 Queen parrotfish eating algae off a relatively healthy reef. Their beak-like mouth is perfect for this. (Photo: Stanley Bysshe) Coral reefs are very complex ecosystems, but luckily managing them sustainably is not. Simply don’t catch fish … Read more