An Invader’s Less-Than-Elegant Move From Water to Land

An Invader’s Less-Than-Elegant Move From Water to Land The much-maligned northern snakehead fish might be less menacing than it was made out to be. When invasive snakehead fish first appeared in the United States, in 2002, the secretary of interior herself called a press conference to warn of impending danger. “These fish are like something … Read more

Stop the Snakehead Derby: Anglers will compete to catch this invasive species … and perhaps eat it for dinner

An invader has made its way into Frederick County waters. The northern snakehead — an air-breathing, toothed, slippery fish originally imported to the U.S. as food — took up residence in the Potomac River by 2004. A series of waterfalls at Great Falls kept the invasive species out of Frederick County’s calmer streams, until the … Read more

Bullseye Snakehead

Tropical Asia (Pakistan to southern China, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos) Unknown, perhaps as a foodfish Resource Protection and Long-Term Management The bullseye snakehead (Channa marulius) has a flattened head with large scales, a torpedo-shaped body, long dorsal and anal fins without spines, and toothed jaws. Nearly all adults have a black dot surrounded with red … Read more


Grilled-snakehead-fish-What-&-Where-to-eat-in-Ca-Mau About The Author Tracy Do Hi everybody! I would like to say thank you for reading my blogs whether you are planning your trip to Vietnam, expats who live and work in the country, students and researchers who would like to find information about Vietnam, especially Vietnamese culture, foodies who are interested in delicious … Read more

Like it or not, invasive ‘Frankenfish’ are still among us

A dozen or so dead northern snakeheads lay stacked in slime and ice behind a general store in Woolford on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Fisherman Caz Kenny reached into the cooler to highlight some of the controversial fish’s finer points, such as the sharp, gnarled teeth behind its ghastly mug. Kenny, 47, didn’t filet the fish … Read more

An ‘explosion’ | Metro Atlanta man describes moment he caught invasive fish that can survive on land

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — The Georgia Department of Natural Resources said they were shocked when they learned a man caught a northern snakehead in the state. It was the first one found here. It’s a long, thin fish that you need a strong stomach to look at. The metro Atlanta man who caught one said … Read more