Why You’re Probably Overfeeding Your Fish (And What to Do About It)

While fish make amazing pets, they aren’t exactly known for their interactive nature. Sure, they may look attractive in a perfectly aquascaped aquarium, but for the most part, they rarely do more than swim around peacefully and maybe peck at the occasional spec of algae. But all that changes at mealtime for the fish. They … Read more

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What Happens When You Overfeed Goldfish?

Overfeeding goldfish can cause major problems for your pet. Unfortunately, it’s extremely easy to overfeed a goldfish. Any excess food in the aquarium can cause serious problems. Following strict guidelines can help prevent this problem. Always remember that it’s easier to overfeed a goldfish than to underfeed it. How to Feed Goldfish Use a flake … Read more

Discarded pet goldfish are multiplying and getting kind of ginormous, officials say

If you have a goldfish, and you are kind of over that goldfish, to the point where you are now wondering whether it might be best to set that goldfish free, please rethink that decision. Or, as the CBC notes: “Goldfish the size of dinner plates are multiplying like bunnies.” “It’s quite a surprise how … Read more