Cats & Soup brings Halloween 2022 event with a new cat breed and exciting rewards

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Players of Cats & Soup are invited by NEOWIZ to the cutest Halloween 2022 celebration ever. Players can gather candy pieces now through November 15, 2022, in exchange for a variety of in-game treats. During the event, the Hallow Shorthair cat will also make its debut. For those looking for Halloween accessories for their cats, three different types of event-limited packages are offered.

The Halloween 2022 event will introduce a new cat breed and candies

The event heralds the introduction of the Hallow Shorthair cat breed. It is available at the Observatory facility or with special cat breed-changing tickets. The Hallow Shorthair has a distinct look that makes it appear somewhat transparent and glowy in a dim neon color.

‘Candy’ can be obtained during the Halloween event by participating in the Claw Machine mini-game facility, selling a predetermined quantity of dishes, decorating cats’ miniature rooms, and receiving daily log-in prizes. The Halloween event venue, Halloween Cat Tower Decor, and Halloween-themed mini-room furnishings are just a few of the 40-themed items that may be obtained in return for candy.

Cats & Soup brings limited-time packages and updates its fishing system

Also worth looking at are three event-only packages for players. The opulent Cat Tower decoration from the Halloween-themed Vampire Count’s House package is included. A sweet Halloween costume outfit is available to players in the Halloween Grim Reaper’s Equipment Set package. Last but not least, the cooking facility’s Halloween Pumpkin Facility Skins bundle adds a frightening touch.

The team has upgraded the fishing mechanism in the game in addition to all the previously announced Halloween-related features. The fishing pond will now host the Longspine Snipefish, Pacific Saury, Chinook Salmon, Crescent Grunter, Threadfin Butterflyfish, and Callanthias, six new legendary fish. Three more limited-edition costume items can also be caught by lucky fishermen through fishing.

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