Cicada Lure Spinmad Ćma (moth)

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ĆMA 2.5g
It is a unique bait with a shape and original colors imitating various water insects, fish, frogs and small crabs. It is designed for fishing in shallow waters of up to 2 m. The most common fish lured by this bait are perch, chub, pike and trout inhabiting shallow waters with depths up to 1.5 m.
Everybody knows that the 2.5g Cma model is perfect for shallow waters, but few use this “little thing” for jigging in deeper spots. It is true that it takes time until the lure hits the bottom at 3-4 meters, but it is really worth it. The cicada imitates the little creature (eg. A small crayfish) moving just above the bottom. In this particular situation the best are the cicadas in black, red and fluo.
Cicada – for some – the mystery of effective fishing for other- the great unknown. The bait was invented in the United States primarily for bass fishing. There are legends about its effectiveness; however, imported lures, according to many anglers, are not so good in tough Polish conditions.
The biggest advantage of cicadas is their incredible versatility. The Spinmad offer consists of baits for nearly all predatory fish living in rivers, lakes and reservoirs throughout the country, as well as for foreign fishing trips.
With a number of unique colors of cicadas, you can lure beautiful specimens of pike, zander, perch, asp, barbel, catfish, trout, chub and ide.
The lures resemble fry, insects and all kinds of water creatures. Faithful imitation of natural food has been a guarantee of success over the years.
Knowing the potential of this bait, as well as the needs of our fellow anglers, we decided to design a cicada with a more subtle shape and an action that provokes predators of Polish waters.
Many years of experience have helped us to produce cicadas, which are ideally suited for our national, waters, which, unfortunately, contain less and less fish.
Cicada is a bait that effectively filled a gap in the modern spinning.
Here are a few advantages that set it apart from commonly used baits. Unique kind of aggression that is generated during its action – short, dense vibrations are accepted by all predatory fish.
The specificity of the cicadas gives you the opportunity to present its action in small areas (deep space, wells, river gutters), where most of the lures will be of no use. Cicada is a lure that enables to fish in the shallows, and just above the bottom. Long range of casting unattainable by other lures of similar weight.
It can be perfectly felt while spinning , even in difficult conditions, eg. during strong wind. The cicadas are characterized by line tie holes to a set placed on the back of the bait. Skillful selection of the holes during spinning gives you the opportunity to present the cicadas in different parts of the water.
Where to fish with cicadas:
One of the advantages of cicadas, which distinguishes them from other popular spinning lures is the ability to work even in the most difficult places. The ideal work and a corresponding depth can be achieved even in a small space. The cicadas are often used by anglers, both in rivers and in lakes. It is in the flowing water of lowland and mountain rivers that smaller cicadas present themselves very well. They imitate small fish, insects and crayfish struggling with the strong current of the river, which are an easy prey for passing nearby predators.
In small rivers inhabited by trout, chub, ide and barbel the smallest models of cicadas are the best: Ćma i Uklejka.
Amazon and Hart can be irreplaceable in larger rivers – they will surely lure zander, asp and even catfish.
In lakes, particularly the shallow and weedy ones are great place for all models. The real hit is the largest model of King that is available in two versions 12g and 18g. Due to the strong hydroaccoustic properties it perfectly lures zander and other river predators inhabiting deeper spots.
How to use cicadas?
Cicadas are lures for everyone. They reveal its effectiveness both in the hands of an experienced and novice angler. You can run them conventionally, by retrieving the line on the spool reel. However, the most effective methods of running is retrieving the line at an irregular pace and jigging with short and fast or long and more subtle movements of the rod tip. When jigging the rod should be in front of an angler, in the raised position which allows for natural movement of the bait and greatly intensifies the movement of the bait felt on the rod and increases the identification of bite. Jigging can be at the surface, in the depths and around the bottom.
In the case of asp fishing in rivers, we can cast with an, rigged on the first hole, cicada in an interesting piece of fishery and immediately begin the quick retrieving. With few turns of the handle, we jerk the bait harder to unleash aggression in fish …
Work control
All Spinmad cicadas are equipped with one, two or three holes to use with a snap. One of the most important advantages of our cicadas is the adjustability of its work with the use of holes placed in the upper part of the lure. Depending on the desired results, we can get a subtle, aggressive or optimal action of our cicadas. Everything depends on the position of the hole. The first front hole gives a cicada delicate, subtle work at a fast pace that is great for asp. The center hole is to achieve optimal, average share action that attracts most predators, regardless of the prevailing conditions. In order to obtain the most aggressive action, we need to tie the snap to a hole placed at the greatest distance from the front of the lure. This type of action is best for zander in lakes, gravel pits and reservoirs and mainly for warmer seasons.

We are the group of people for whom fishing, and especially spinning, is the most beautiful passion, for which we devote each minute of our leisure time… With great pleasure, we would like to present to you the


company, which is involved in production of high quality, unique spinning lures.

Our company has been present on the market since 2008. Since that time, with proud we have been producing lures, which effectiveness attracts more and more fishermen. The goal of the Spinmad company was to design lures, which will revolutionize the market of fishing and will be in the boxes of each spinning fisherman. And so it happened! For many years, we have been receiving letters from happy clients, who trusted in our products and, when using them, they started a new era of modern fishing. Since the company has been founded, we have our own net of distribution in Poland, and simultaneously we send our lures to business partners in Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, Hungary, the Great Britain, Slovenia, Italy and Finland. Our products are directed to clients for whom fishing is only a form of relaxation, and for those who, for many years, have participated in the most important fishing competitions, competing on national and international arena. Producing lures, we put impact on details, which greatly decide about our success. Solid, thoroughly designed construction and precise painting of our handmade lures, is our main goal. Taking into consideration our experience connected with fishing and production of lures, we try to improve our products so that they fulfill the highest standards. Thanks to long lasting cooperation with prominent fishermen from Poland and other European countries, we follow the effectiveness of lures Spinmad in different conditions, on reservoirs and rivers of different type. With passion we produce our blade baits, tail spinners and ice-fishing lures retriever, which makes that each day spent on preparing lures for you is a great satisfaction for us…

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