How to tell clown loach gender?

how to tell clown loach gender

Clown loaches are dimorphic, meaning there is morphological difference between individuals of different sex in the same species. The females possess slightly plump bodies and curved tails while males have straight ones – one exception being that they both lack an obvious adipose fin on their backsides! How many clown loaches should you keep together? … Read more

Clown loaches have white spot?

clown loaches have white spot

In addition to being some of the friendliest fish you can find, these little guys have a lot going for them. Not only do they get along well with others in your tank but their gentle nature means that there won’t be any fights or stress from other inhabitants either! You may have seen white … Read more

Can you have clown loaches with discus?

can you have clown loaches with discus

Can you have clown loaches with discus? YES!!! I know you want your discus happy too! You might consider getting a bigger tank for them. Clowns would be much happier with two more buddies in the aquarium – they’re just so social and love having friends around all of their time… What fish are compatible … Read more

How long does a clown loach live?

how long does a clown loach live

How Long Do Clown Loaches Live The Clown Loach is a fascinating fish that will make your day. They’re so personable and fun to watch, not just in an aquarium but also on video! One of the coolest things about these guys? You might be able keep them alive for years with proper care – … Read more

What food does clown loach eat?

what food does clown loach eat

The clown loach is an interesting fish that can be found in many home aquariums. While they’re not really a priority for most people because of their boring appearance, this may not alwaysonds to last long if you continue giving them the same food day after day without any change or variety! As soon as … Read more

How fast does clown loach grow?

how fast does clown loach grow

It is no secret that clown loaches are one of the more popular fish for someone looking to buy an aquarium. These colorful and peaceful creatures offer many benefits, such as their beautiful appearance or how hardy they seem based on some reviews I’ve read online about them being able withstand pretty much anything you … Read more

Do clown loaches bury themselves?

do clown loaches bury themselves

Do clown loaches bury themselves? The clown is always in search of a new spot to call home. It’s hard work being theeditor-in-chief when there are so many other great locations out on display! If you find yourself with an eviction notice from your local loach, don’t worry because they’re pretty loyal creatures who will … Read more