Coarse Sponge Filter | Aquarium Filter for Fish Tanks | Fish Filter

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  • Coarse Foam
  • Weighted Base
  • Can Install Air Stone

Sponge filters offer reliability and hassle-free operation. With no moving parts, all you need is an air supply and you’ve got a filter that is fully contained within your aquarium. Sponge filters are completely reusable, don’t need any replacement cartridges and last for several years. Trusted by fish farms and wholesalers, sponge filters are a great choice for reliability and to set and forget.

The Aquarium Co-Op sponge filter is designed using coarse foam so that it can go many weeks between cleanings. The coarse foam with the weighted base means it’ll stack on the bottom of your aquarium. No more floating up after a water change or initial installation. Green Plastic helps hide algae and blend in with your live aquarium plants.

Customer Reviews

Great sponges would definitely recommend definitely five star for shure

Works very well! Will use in all my tanks.

Easy to clean too!

I have this hooked up to a Marineland Maxi Jet 1200 powerhead. Works good and fits perfect. My only complaint is it’s made in China.

After trying 3 different internal filters from aqueon to topfin, even ones that said they were for bettas, I finally overcame my fear of buying all the parts to assemble a sponge filter. Mercutio the betta didn’t talk to me for about 5 days and hid behind his Anubias hammock all that time, even refusing to eat, but today he has been exploring his home and even ate some food finally! My one comment would be to mention getting a flow adjusting valve. Even the nano-sized filter was putting out crazy heavy bubble flow so I had to run out to the local petco to grab a flow adjuster. After that fix everything fell into place!

Would highly recommend nice filter and love the aeration when using an airstone

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