Discus Fish Lifespan – How Long do Discus Live?

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If you are thinking about adopting discus fish for your home aquarium, it might be worth noting that prices can vary based on their condition. While most other types of freshwater or saltwater tank-bred animals have minimum costs associated with them (euries). This is because breeding these particular creatures requires some extra effort which leads us into higher pricing compared to what we would expect from an average petstore purchase – but also remember they’re very gentle adorable pets who live anywhere between just 1 day allthe way up till 12 years!

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Discus fish are known to be one of the most expensive species in pet stores. With good care and maintenance, you can expect your discus fish friend (or rival) live around 10 years! Below we’ve compiled some helpful tips on how make their lifespan as long or even longer than it would otherwise have been: feed them at least twice per day; offer yourself up food too if possible -change water once every week/two weeks depending upon use by vetoing any signs that might tell tale about disease presence such filthinesses

Increase Discus Fish Life Expectancy

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The discus fish is a spectacular and unique creature that needs to be treated with care. If you adopt them without understanding the extra mile they need, your experience may only last for about five years before it’s time walk away from these gorgeous creatures who have been through so much just because we don’t take good enough measures now!

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Aquarium Size

The discus fish is a large, robust species that can reach up to 10 inches in adulthood. However they don’t require too much space considering their body size; you should allow around ten gallons per specimen when keeping them At first glance it may seem like this kind of water volume isn’t enough for your prized pet but remember these animals grow quite slowly so even though one might look full grown another could still be relatively littleAFeature food plus plenty of hiding places mean no matter what size or coloration patterning finds itself living happily alongside other tanks inhabitants.

The perfect school of discus fish has a minimum aquarium size that ranges between 60 gallons and 120-gallons. The number you need will depend on how many individuals are in your group, but it’s important to keep their shape into account when choosing an appropriate home for them–they love high tanks!

Water Parameters

The discus fish is a unique freshwater species that thrives in soft, acidic water with gentle flow. In order to maintain their healthiest life possible these beautiful creatures need an adequate temperature range from 82-88 degrees Fahrenheit and must have 5 -6 pH level on either side of neutral (between 0 & 14). To make sure your tank stays clean you’ll want some driftwood or other decorations near the top so they can climb up out if it while still underwater!

It is important for the tank water to be clean and stable at all times. This can sometimes prove challenging with fish that are more delicate, such as discus or practically anyother kind of gentle species you might think about adding into your home aquarium!


If you want to provide your pets with clean water, then it is important that they have the proper filtration. There are two types of filters: mechanical and biological/canister combo units which work best when paired together or used separately depending on what type suits better for an individual’s needs in terms getting rid chemicals from tap sources like hormones etc.,although these may be idealistically combined some people prefer having one setup primarily as scrubber while others go all out installing them everywhere around their home! Regardless how much effort goes into providing filtered drinking.

To keep your fish healthy, add some aquatic plants to the discus tank. The roots of these greenery will help improve oxygenation across its water surface and make sure that there is always enough supply for all inhabitants in attendance!

Food & Diet

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The beautiful fish with vivid colors can be kept happy by including some treats that they enjoy, such as shrimp pellets or bloodworms. These omnivores are opportunistic feeders and will happily consume food from both plant-based sources like algae, insects etc., but also meaty proteins such us chicken breast which you may add once in awhile when your aquarium permits it!

If you have a pet, then it’s important to be mindful of how much food they eat and avoid overfeeding them. leftovers can quickly worsen water quality in your home as well as decrease their life expectancy!

Tank Mates

Adding discus fish to a tank can be tricky, but they actually benefit from the presence of other species. indeed larger tanks with fewer partners will make them nervous and cause stress which could lead to illness or even death! That’s where tetra comes in – these sleek little guys don’t demand as much space so you’ll have no problem fitting into any size water environment (although do keep an eye on how many there are).

School Size

Schooling fish are very social and require the presence of at least six in order to feel safe. In addition, this will improve their life expectancy as well! You can decide which types go into your tank by matching some different colored schoolies with them – there’s no wrong answer when it comes down do what colors you like best for underwater beauty photography shots afterall!.

Diseases & Parasites

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You should always pay attention to the health of your fish, especially when it comes downing any type or degree of disease. If you notice anything unusual on either their appearance or behavior then they need immediate veterinary care because there may be complications that could lead them leaving us no choice but kill our precious discus!

You can keep your discus fish healthy by following a few simple steps. For example, it is important to make sure that the water in their tank does not have any problems such as ich or dropsy because these diseases might affect them too! Plus there are products you apply regularly onto his/her skin which will help prevent parasites from bothering him further- this should be done even if he seems normal during inspections at first glance.

Wrapping Up

The discus fish is a high-maintenance pet that requires great attention and care. However, they can be spectacular in return for those who invest their time into them by allowing keepers to boast about owning one of Earth’s most demanding creatures!

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