Why are my discus dying?

why are my discus dying

The death of your discus fish is a very sad thing to experience and it’s important that you figure out what might have caused the kill. There can be two main reasons for their deaths: water conditions in tanks or overeating by them as well! Figure these causes before they happen again so we don’t … Read more

Do discus change color?

do discus change color

The discus fish has developed a way to blend into its environment by changing colors. This species continues this behavior even when they are stressed or diseased because it affects only the individual, not other individuals in different ways like how some people react differently towards stressors depending on who you ask! Reasons Why Discus … Read more

Do discus eat red shrimp?

do discus eat red shrimp

Discus are a type of fish that can be found in the wild. They’re not picky about their diet, as long as it has scales and fins to feed on! My discuses love shrimps though so I always provide them with some when they come over for dinner even if the other types don’t want … Read more

Can discus be kept with cichlids?

can discus be kept with cichlids

Keeping a tank full of fish can be tricky, especially when you are trying to keep them compatible with one another. The basic qualifications for compatibility in tanks include temperament and water chemistry; however there is no way that all types of these two species will automatically stay together because they belong under different families … Read more

Can red tail sharks live with discus?

can red tail sharks live with discus

The differences in water temperature between the red tailed shark and discus can cause problems if they’re not properly cared for. First off, these two types of fish need to differ by at least 10 degrees Celsius (18° Fahrenheit) before mixing them together would be an issue since most other animals will die when their … Read more

Why is My Discus Fish Hiding All the Time?

Why is My Discus Fish Hiding All the Time

What Should You do When Discus Fish Hides? Why does my discus fish hide when it gets scared? In as much as different species of aquarium fish tend to shy away and find refuge in hiding spots, you should never take this for granted. What makes the distinction between “normal” versus “abnormal”? Let us discover … Read more

Discus Fish Lifespan – How Long do Discus Live?

Discus Fish Lifespan – How Long do Discus Live

If you are thinking about adopting discus fish for your home aquarium, it might be worth noting that prices can vary based on their condition. While most other types of freshwater or saltwater tank-bred animals have minimum costs associated with them (euries). This is because breeding these particular creatures requires some extra effort which leads … Read more