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Neon tetra eggs. I hope they hatch.

congratz on the eggs,if you look at the eggs carefully you should be able to see a speck inside of them which means they are fertilized. but to me those eggs look like they’re unfertilized could be wrong as its very hard to see lol
(unfertilized/bad eggs are usually white/opaque).
Make sure you have infusoria or liquid fry food handy as they are quite smol.
after hatching roughly about 2 days they should have absorbed their yolksac and should be ready to feed. after about a week or 2 they should be able to eat baby brineshrimp.
be sure to keep them in a dimly lit tank as they are light sensitive .

Thanks, if they hatch I have infusoria and spirulina powder, and brine shrimp ready. I have them in a small breeder box covered so the tank is dark. I’ll take closer look to see if they have a “speck”.

any advice would be appreciated. i have them in the dark in a breeder box with low flow. if they are fertilized, they should hatch in about 24 hours, so i have read.

I’ve never had my neons lay eggs but I remember reading from a neon tetra care guide that they are literally the worst parents ever and will casually eat their eggs or the babies when they hatch, haha. So if they do hatch and you want to keep them, maybe separate them from the adults until they grow some 🥰

Yes, I have the eggs isolated in a breeder box, I already removed the “parents”. Thanks

not possible. i have no nerites. this is in a small isolated breeder box. I only had two neons in it.

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