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Two days ago, I found one of my mystery snails laying upside down motionless. I thought it was dead but yesterday it started moving around the tank, but today it’s back to laying motionless like this. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with it and how I can help it please? My other 3 are okay

Looks like old age. Their operculum starts to get smaller and they will not be able to close completely.

Looks kind of large and has been around the block. It’s possible your snail is reaching the end of it’s lifespan.

Are you feeding it enough? If not they can go into a state of hibernation. I would recommend placing him in a plastic small and shallow bin of water, enough he can maneuver in, and put a piece of blanched broccoli in there. If it’s hungry he will become more active in a few hours. If he’s ill you have him isolated in a treatment tank – win win!

Can nerite snails also go into hibernation? Long story short my nerite snail spent a few days out of water (my fish was dying so unfortunately I just assumed he was hiding in the tank when he was exploring my room)…. he doesn’t smell bad like my past snails have but he hasn’t moved in so long (over a week)

Had the same thing happen to my snail, he went on like that for 2 weeks then died. I would remove him from your main tank so it doesn’t spike your nitrates when he starts decomposing.

I think it’s just old age. You can see that it has separated from the shell near the opening, this is deep retraction. Deep retraction can be caused by bad genetics, age, and/or malnutrition. Sadly when I see that, I know my snail’s days are limited.

There’s another comment here saying it gets smaller with very old age, which I didn’t know before now

my snail looked just like yours, my boy would move around and then just disappear for days and then move around then he stopped moving so I moved him put and he was gone, I think it’s old age. I’m not a expert tho

Yes, I’ve had this tank since September 2021. I did a water change last week so it’s pretty clean right now. The water parameters are good, especially when considering my mystery snails are laying eggs like every 2 weeks which honestly sucks cleaning up after

Too help your other snails develop strong healthy shells and doors try shaving some cuttle bone into your tank every month or so. Or you can break a chunk off and put it in the tank for extra calcium.

Yes I was gonna suggest this from Lavs Snails I’ve had mixed success with it I think it’s worth trying!

I’m just gonna trust that everyone else is right in saying he’s just an old boi.

I will say, one thing that will make your snails more happy in general would be going to your local pet store and getting some cheap, fast growing plants for them to much on. I’ve fount the most success with Mexican Oak, but almost any plant will do. Also look up some videos on cleaning plants before putting them in your tank so you don’t accidently bring in any unwanted guests.

Your snails will thank me later. And so will you when you realize how beautiful natural plants are (all this is assuming you don’t already have live plants, if you do, ignore this)

I hate when they do this. I kept calling Frank’s name yesterday like he could hear me. Luckily he was moving again soon. Someone recommended blanched spinach. My guppies and snails go nuts for it.

Update as of 5/5/2022 It looks like my snail is up and moving again. Maybe it just likes playing dead

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