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Driftwood Help? Cant get it to sink 🙁

So i purchased this AMAZING piece of driftwood from an independent fish store about an hour from my home. Because it has never seen water, the store manager warned me that i would need to boil it for an hour or two before putting it in the tank in order to cleanse it of the dirt and tannin. What he did not mention was that it was going to be nearly impossible to sink it! After internet research I still have no definitive idea of how long the wood will take to sink, or if it even will. Its boiled a total of around 12 hours and been in water for 3 weeks. Any advice on what else I could be doing?

TL;DR driftwood wont sink, help?

A piece of slate like a slate roofing tile could work. They are flat and relatively smooth. Should be easy to cover with substrate to hide it when in the tank. I have seen a lot of aquarium items weighed down this way. Depending on where you live you might find some at Home Depot or Lowe’s in their roofing section. Or call a local roofing distributor/sales store. A rock yard might have some too. Good luck! It looks like a nice pice of driftwood.

Thank you! I live about 2 minutes from a Lowes so I will try and stop by today 🙂

I wish i would have thought of that before filling the tank with sand and some fish

I had some Malaysian driftwood that had never been in water prior. It took about 30 days of soaking in a tub of water (not heated just sitting out in backyard) before it stopped leaking a lot of tannins and would actually stay down.

Not sure if mine is Malaysian or not, Ive read everything from one week to six months, I am willing to wait another week or two but after that i may hit up some of these other suggestions

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