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How Do I get rid of air bubbles in a new tank? I’m a new fish owner and thought bettas would be a good idea. I’ve owned many animals before but never fish. Thank you for the help!

Hey, nice tank! Unsolicited advice, but Java ferns will rot if they are buried in the substrate, unlike most other plants. People tie the stems to rocks and wood with string to train the roots to stay on the decor.

It’s the rhizome that you don’t want to bury. The root usually help themselves eventually into the substrate. The roots will be ok in the substrate but if the rhizome is buried then it will start to rot.

The guy at my LFS said this was common knowledge, but of the “many” he’s put directly in soil he’s never had one rot. I put mine in soil a couple months ago and I have a few new couple inch long leaves. We’ll see if it holds up or if I learn not to trust that guy in the future.

I’ve always been told this but was very tired when I set up my last tank. Plant was fine and even started growing new plants of its original leaves. Wild stuff.

How has no one ever told me this? I complain every time that “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t keep these things alive” when buying new plants and wishing I could get java ferns too.

These are the comments I’m here for – not to roast op at all, but because I likely wouldn’t have learned that on my own. Thanks to you and op I learned some stuff.

They’ll go away on their own. Make sure you read up on the cycling process if you haven’t already, it can take weeks to fully cycle a tank, there’s info in the wiki about cycling and plenty of other betta care info if you need!

Yes!! If for some reason you can’t wait that long they make products like API quick start to put the beneficial bacteria in for you. I would still recommend waiting over quick start tho

Just wait for the bubbles to go away, also you might wanna glue the Java ferns rhizomes on wood or a rock, They aren’t supposed to be buried


The bubbles usually go away on their own. Make sure that you know about establishing a nitrogen cycle. Also, bettas enjoy lots of hiding spaces and vegetation so make sure to get more plants ( not plastic ones ) and decorations ( aquarium safe non sharp decorations, make sure that any holes are big enough for a betta to easily swim through ). Also, the Java fern really shouldn’t be in the substrate. They have a rhizome, which is a horizontally growing steam that shoots off leafs. It looks like your buried the rhizome in the substrate, which will cause the plant to rot eventually. Java fern do best when attached to rock or driftwood. You can attach it to rock or driftwood by tying it with fishing string or another aquarium safe thread, or by using aquarium safe glue ( not a silicone glue in this case ). Also, is this the Aqueon 10 gallon kit? I would recommend getting a prefilter sponge and an aquarium safe sponge to baffle the filter as it can be too strong for bettas and their fins can get caught in the intake. Make sure to get a glass alcohol thermometer instead of the stick on one included in the kit because stick on ones are not accurate, and glass alcohol ones tend to be the most accurate. Also, do not replace the filter media as the company says too. It’s actually kinda a scam to get you to buy more filter media from them. The majority of your beneficial bacteria that is responsible for the nitrogen cycle occurring in your tank will colonize on the filter media. It will also colonize on the gravel, plants, decor, equipment in the tank, and walls of the tank ( so no need to add more beneficial bacteria every time you do a water change like some companies and people say ). A very very small amount of beneficial bacteria is in the water column once your tank has an established nitrogen cycle. I also want to warn you that I have had some problems with the filter in that kit. It kept making a deafening rattling sound no matter how high the water level was, or what I did to clean the impeller. I contacted their technical support and they couldn’t figure out how to help me so they sent me a replacement. The replacement arrived with a small hole in the plastic covering near the motor which allowed for air to get in. Even though I tried to patch the small hole that filter eventually started making the same awful noise as the filter it was meant to replace. Not sure if I’m the only one who has had something like this happen when using this filter or not. Also, the food door thing is fragile from my experience, it breaks easily so be careful with it.

OMG thank you for all the info. I knew there was a lot to fish keeping so I am prepared!

Since everyone has said “they go away on their own” I’ll throw my two cents since I send my girlfriend pictures of the tank and don’t want bubbles in the shots, just wipe them off with your algae scraper, a paper towel, or your hand. They’re just stuck on from filling the water and will fly right off if agitated

the bubbles will eventually go on their own. no harm with them.

the fern you have will rot if planted in substrate (aka the rocks)

if you get a betta they like hides .even a simple terracotta pot will work or a mason jar. just make sure the opening is big enough.

another thing is filtration, buying cartridges is basically a waist of money, i’d go for a sponge (will fit in a hang on back or in water filter). will save you money!

one last tip, testing water. not sure if you’ve bought anything or are aware of this. which is okay and i’m newer too so we’re both learning! i would buy the API master water testing kit. it’ll give you the water parameters and will help you stay on top of things.

good luck my friend

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