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Could anyone help me? I think my neon tetras is pregnant but I don’t know what to do if they are. Any advice would be great

I’m new to the aquarium game, but she does look like it. I just remember reading this article the other day. You might want to see what others have to say here or go talk to your local aquarium store. I’d prefer a local shop that specializes in aquarium stuff. I feel they’d definitely be more knowledgeable, rather than a big pet store.

Neon tetras are egg scatterers if I’m not mistaken. It doesn’t work like guppies, and females are naturally more rounder than males, so it’s hard to tell.

I don’t think the fish is full of eggs, we would need more and better pictures really.

Have you read the chapter about reproduction?

to be honest, that fish looks overfed. this happened to my neons when I first started keeping and was struggling to figure out how to feed. maybe take a day off feeding and then adjust the amount you regularly feed?

Yeah I’ve cut back on my feeding to once a day because I noticed how dirty the tank was getting with all of the uneaten food

What you should probably do, if you want the babies to survive, is separate them. I found this article that tells you what you should do. Hope this helps

Do you agree she could be pregnant? I didn’t even consider this since it’s only my first tank and they’re in with a betta and 2 bristlenose plecos

I don’t know the terminology yet. All I want to know is if she’ll lay eggs and what to do if so, or if she’s just fat.

No, she’s not gravid. Neons won’t breed unless in very specific conditions (very soft and acidic water). Of course there’s exceptions but this fish in particular just seems overfed or sick, gravid tetras are not bumpy, but rather rounded.

Okay, thank you! I’m glad. I’ll not feed them for a day or 2 see if it gets better

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