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I just added a baby pleco to my goldfish tank and he’s so cute!

I know goldfish and plecos might seem like a match made in heaven, but as your pleco ages his tastes will turn to slimecoat (which goldfish have a lot of). Goldies can get infections from the slimecoat being sucked off and the scales being damaged

Oh, man, I was not aware of this! I did buy this particular species because it would also fit in well with my 40-gallon peaceful community tank. They wouldn’t do that on the smaller fish right?

This post and others like it are why I’d always be afraid to keep plecos and goldfish together. It seems to come up a lot on r/goldfish and every example is so gruesome

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Oh no! I will remove them as they get older and move them into their own separate tank. I feel terrible for not doing my research. I mean I did research like 2 years ago on plecos, but I guess I never really did enough, I should have done more up to date research. I was more concerned about size, and temperature compatibility.

From what I’ve read online they do alright with fast-moving middle water schooling fish, which is what I plan on keeping in my 40. But if not I have a 20 gallon that internet is also saying I can put him in.

Side note, I know it looks cramped, but all of the goldfish always come over to check out whats going on when I take photos.

I have a bn and he has never attempted to suck the slime coat on my fish. Just make sure he’s well feed and you shouldn’t have any issues. The ones I’ve had prefer going for the pellets as it’s easy food

Ok. I’ve feed the Slovak big bite pleco formula last night and he enjoyed that. I’ll jus keep a vet close eye

Make sure your pleco is well fed with a good diet. I’ve heard that slime coat attacks only happen if a pleco doesn’t get it’s dietary requirements

I love feeding my fishes snacks and a varried diet. So I hope I fcan provide good food.

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