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Can anyone confirm this to be ich? I am treating it with aquarium salt and heat but have never seen ich before I’m only a 3 month old beginner. TIA!

Pick up hikari ich x so you can be done with it in 4 days instead of a month and your plants/snails/inverts will be fine

12$ on amazon

I have ordered a bottle do you know if the salt is in my aquarium right now will affect this treatment?

I can tell you that is ich. The lethal dose for ich with salt is minimum 3 tablespoons per 5 gallons. Yes this is a lot, I know. I treated my peacock cichlids with 88 tablespoons kosher salt (less dense) for a 75 gallon. Just rehome your plants to a bucket of water. Also, raising the temp speeds of the lifecycle, but also makes it harder on the fish because the parasite is so much faster growing. At 86 degrees the parasite is unable to reproduce fully usually, but there are some cases where strains are resistant. Any temp above 80 and the life cycle will be complete in 5 days max. The thing about ich is that it is only vulnerable at a specific part of the lifecycle, so the salt or medication or whatever will only affect it then. Don’t raise your temp until you’re treating it, otherwise you’re just helping the ich. Also don’t believe the guy who said that any medication will shorten treatment. Only tempature can shorten the life cycle. (Unless your other treatment is ineffective, and only got 90% of the ich or whatever)

yes, looks like ich. Make sure to you are adding a way for extra gas exchange to happen since the temp is up. Also make sure to continue treating for a few days even after there is no ich visible.

Edit: How much salt are you using? Salt and plants do not mix well

Yup, ich. Even if it doesn’t appear to be going away, don’t ever use too much salt—you can kill the fish that way, especially very salt-sensitive fish like armored catfish.

Like the other poster said, increase temp up to 86 and LOTS of surface agitation to make up for lack of oxygen in hot water.

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