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I wanna tickle a fish

I hope this had a happy ending where our smiling buddy is cast back into the sea

I think this is one of those like carrot eating fish where they die right after the clip.

I somehow dont think its laughing but trying to defend itself anyway possible.

So he can tell his buddies about this air creature that wanted to pet him. His buddies will never believe his stories and tell him to stay off the seaweeds.

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There is an aquarium in Phoenix where they have a Ray petting tank(none of the rays in it are sting rays)

It’s super obvious they like being petted

So there I was, upside down, getting really lightheaded when… I shit you not… a giant fucking monster starts clawing at my soft underbelly. It was making all kinds of… weird vibrations. Kinda like the asshole whales do when they’re being annoying? But just when I thought I was totally done for… this is the most amazing part… I actually willed myself to fly. No bullshit, I could actually fly for for few seconds. That’s how I got right back here with you guys.

Sure, Daryl. There’s nothing even wrong with your belly.

Yeah, man. If you didn’t want to hang out this morning you could’ve just said so.

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