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Question: are these rocks safe for aquarium use? Tips for cleaning them?

Yes. Where did you get these, like what kind of environment? A couple look like they’ve been worn by water.

The petrified wood might make your water dirty so I’d give it a swish in a bucket to see if it does that first.

Otherwise this all seems fine; most rocks are safe in the aquarium, as unsurprisingly surface rocks are common in all underwater environments. Basically anything that’s exposed to water or regularly rained on will have lost any water-soluble content before humans walked the earth. I just straight up pick the gunkiest rocks I can and put them in my tanks – People are too scared of the microbiomes on these things, I think it’s good to import a bit of what works in nature into your tanks.

The conch is also fine, as are most shells. They’re just calcium carbonate, aka calcite. It will slowly dissolve below a pH of 7-4-7.6 and raise the pH back up to that point whenever it goes below it. I will warn you it will be a complete pain in the ass to get shrimp out of a shell like that without breaking it if you ever have to move your shrimp without moving the shell too.

I should have stated they are from my Grandmothers back yard sat there for many years, thank you and I don’t mind a little outside funk like you said it’s good to keep nature natural.

Maybe? Some for sure (the quartz) but always scrub, boil and put some white vinegar on them first- if the vinegar has any bubbling on the rock that rock is NOT safe!

Thank you I’ve heard the vinegar trick somewhere else but I’ve clearly forgotten I appreciate the help.

These all look fine. I clean rocks that I hunt for with some light soap and a brillo pad and then let them sit in the sun for a day or so. Yours all look very clean so I would just hit em with some hot water and the brillo and then chuck em in.

I’d avoid the shell, it may continue salt sentiments but I’m not an expert either.

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