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often times, fish brought from the deep sea to the surface too quickly will explode from the inside due to massive changes in pressure…

It’s a Rockfish, there are many very very similar types, it could be Pacific Ocean Perch, Rougheye, or a few others I currently can’t remember the name of.

Edit: Northern Pacific Rockfish was the other type

I was curious why this same swelling effect doesn’t occur in humans when rapidly decompressing from atmospheric to vacuum pressures; horrifyingly, it does. In vacuum, water rapidly evaporates from soft tissue, accompanied by “marked swelling of the body to perhaps twice its normal volume.” So if you get blown out an airlock without a spacesuit, you’ll end up looking at least as goofy/nightmarish as these fish do.

Getting sucked into space isn’t as it’s shown in the movies at all. It’s not like you get violently sucked out and explode. There is just one atmosphere (I think that’s the unit. Or was it bar? Been a while since I read that) difference between earths (and with that the space crafts) and space. A small hole in a space craft can be fixed by putting your finger on it and it won’t suck your finger out.

The difference with the deep sea is that the difference in atmosphere is much much bigger, thats also why it’s so hard to access and explore it. A tiny hole in a deep sea submarine can have much more drastic consequences

Well what you’re looking at is this fishes swim bladder, it’s a sack that keeps the fish from just floating to the surface. When the fish is being pulled to the surface the swim bladder will inflate and make the eyes also pop out due to the lessening air pressure. This fish hasn’t exploded, it’s just an inflated swim bladder.

Kinda fucked up to be fishing deep water fish anyhow. Fuckers live a scarce and hardcore life as it is. Last thing we need is to deplete, endanger and extinct these

I think you have a bit of a misconceived view there. I’ve seen this happen as shallow as 150 feet. Divers can often see with sunlight or a weak flashlight. At this depth, you’ll find reefs with several fish for cubic meter, so they are hardly living a hardcore life.

States and fishermen do a good job of restricting fishing that would harm recovering or endangered species. Where I fish bycatch of these species (specifically canary rockfish, similar to the first one pictured) is often less than 1 in 30 or so. We also use descending devices to aid in the recovery of the fish instead of simply tossing a bloated fish back into the water.

I can only speak from my own experience and area. Is bycatch and decompression a problem? Yes. Is it even close to the worse practices in agriculture? Not really.

Interestingly they can often recover from this (maybe not the one in the picture). Where I fish you often pull up rockfish from ~80 feet or so that look like this. On the rare occasion that we catch a fish that can’t be kept, we use a descending device to slowly lower it to depth and release it.

The state wildlife management tries to avoid this as it’s not 100% effective by not including size limits for some species and by establishing sanctuaries or special zones where these species live in higher populations.

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