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TIL that clownfish change gender upon losing the female of the school, meaning that throughout the entire movie, Nemo’s dad was turning into a female… 0_0

Actually this is slightly less disturbing than what is actually going on. Clownfish schools usually have one alpha male and female. They are the only ones allowed to mate. Once the alpha female dies, the alpha male transforms into the alpha female through biological mechanisms. What occurs then is that the highest ranking inferior fish transforms into the next alpha male, in order to have the pack continue breeding.

ergo, the true meaning of the movie finding nemo

nemo’s mom dies, his dad becomes the mom, and then nemo becomes the dad and eventually will end up fucking his former father

Edit 1

For your viewing pleasure, clownfish porn: SFW

yup……..upper level developmental biology ruined the movie

A small fact you didn’t mention: clownfish are repelled by the smell of their parents, so if nemo’s dad were at home, Nemo’s would have wanted to leave ASAP. This is how clownfish prevent inbreeding.

It’s like nature skimmed the sparknotes of the Oedipus tale and applied what he thought he read to clownfish.

There’s actually some level of competition for the roles as well, with several fish beginning the transition and competing for dominance throughout the process. When a clear victor presents itself, they regress to their previous state.

Is it bad my reaction to this information was only mild interest at the new perspective it provided?
I just think that’s kinda neat more than anything.

It’s pretty common in some fish. Pseudotropheus zebras (a type of African cichlid) are known to be able to change from female to male when there aren’t enough males around.

That’s kind of what the Bluehead Wrasses do except the most dominant female or male transforms into the terminal phase fish. They’re a lot cooler because they actually change color as well as sex.

And for the first time since I have watched that movie I don’t feel like watching it..

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