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The colors on my brothers 9 year old jack Dempsey

Uhm that body looks weird, is it in a undersized tank? Or did u get it from someone that had it in a undersized tank?

That looks very stunted, it does not look like it is happy, I think it needs a bigger tank. Also are the colors only from the flash?

Holy cow! I have a 7 year old that gets a 120 gallon to himself and his colors are nothing like that. What are your brothers secrets??

You can see from the reflection on the eyes that there was a flash from the phone.

Was he supposed to be a cull? colors on point but his spine looks quite crooked?

The water in that tank looks real funky. Hopefully he’s taking good care of it.

Looks fine, looks more like the glass has algae on it in the background and that’s what you’re seeing.

And besides, even water looking funky doesn’t mean anything. You know what makes water look funky also? Wood, plants, anything organic, etc. Bad water quality and color of water don’t always correlate at all.

A small amount of tannins will make water look yellow. Algae blooms will cause green water, which also had no effect on health of fish. It’s arguably actually better for fish.

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