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My catfish is getting too big for the tank. What should I do with him?

You’re not gonna like this, but of all the fish I see in your tank, all but 2 need a pond. The bala shark and black skirt tetra can stay in the tank.

Koi need 500g per fish, can reach lengths of 4’+ and need filtration to match.

Your pangasius catfish can get to 6’+ in a VERY short time and are known to actually BREAK fish tanks because of their size and power of their tail. Why any pet store sells them is beyond me, but that’s a different issue.

What you need to do is:

  1. give them to someone on MFK

  2. give them to someone with a pond

  3. build yourself a pond (if not for the catfish, for the koi)

  4. give them to a public aquarium.

I am not joking when I say you are taking a HUGE risk having those fish in your tank. Spook them bad enough one day, and you could have 125 gallons of water on your floor and a lot of broken glass.

edit: for reference, as an actual monster fish keeper, not even I want these fish! They’re simply too much of a risk and grow WAY too fast.

Thanks for the advice. I had no idea fish like that could even crack or break the glass in a tank like this. I only stumbled into this about three years ago and have been winging it for the most part but my understanding was that most fish would grow to fit the tank and then sort of stop at some point. The pangasius are not even two years old though and I didn’t even know how long they would last.

Also, the white one is a goldfish from our rehearsal dinner three years ago. His name is gigantor and the wife would straight up murder me if I got rid of him.

I’m open to building a pond in the back yard but the problem is that I live in a rent house and I’m guessing it would have to be an above ground one or something similar. Any advice on building something like that would be appreciated.

These boys get about 3 foot when healthy so a pond would be the best situation possible. If you can give him to a local aquarium that houses large freshwater fish that’s best. These and paroon sharks grow huge but are sold as small fish.

3 feet my ass! Tennessee aquarium in Chattanooga has some of these pushing 6’+. People on mfk have some pushing 5’+.

These are MONSTER fish that need MONSTER tanks! unless OP can build a massive pond, they need to go to a public aquarium.

Four of them? I’m guessing you’re talking about the three catfish but what’s the fourth?

Some additional info as well. The tank is 125 gallons and he’s about a foot long. He’s constantly slamming into the walls and decorations whenever he gets spooked as well.

I’m at a loss as to what I should try and do. And the wife already said no to buying a bigger tank.

Nah they taste awful. I got some ‘river cobbler’ (pangasius catfish in disguise) and it tasted like mud and then I was sad I ate a catfish 🙁

Good eye. I do have three and the smallest is around 6″ and the other is around 8-9″.

Reading the the comments makes me realize I might have made a mistake.

I had a catfish get too big for my tank as well. We donated him to an aquarium..

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