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I have a 55 gallon long already and saw these 56 tall tanks. Anyone have any experience with these? What’s the pros and cons of a tank of this style?

I don’t got a 56 but I got a 37 you gone need some really tall plants I got water sprite,val and Amazon Sword and they nowhere near the top 😭

I have a 37 as well and feel your pain. If my tank was a 20 long my plants would be out the top but in my 37 it looks half empty. I’ve even got frogbit for the long roots and it still has plenty of dead space. Tall tank problems

Pros: doesn’t take as much floor space, good for angels, guppies and anything that uses a lot of vertical space, looks great if you have a community with top area fish, midwater fish, and bottom dwellers (ex: hatchet fish, tetras, cories)

Cons: most fish prefer width over height, need to get tall plants or decor, not great overall for most species if you’re doing species tank and hard to fill all that space. Also heavier on your floor since it’s not spread over more surface area.

Only practical way to make this look good is tall plants and driftwood, and having a community fish that use all areas of the tank

You basically listed every reason why I want it lol. I have a community tank with an angel and bunch of neons and tetras in a 55 and wanted to upgrade them some. I then have bucktooths in a 29 that I wanted to put in that 55

Tall tanks are great if you have different species of fish that prefer different parts of the water column (top, mid, bottom), not so great for species only tanks or if all the fish prefer one part.

I had a 56 column. Nothing wrong with it but I’m pretty short so maneuvering the plants/decor during maintenance was more annoying as it is deeper than a standard 55.

This is my main annoyance with my 37. I dread root tabs day as I’m in it up to my arm pits. Also anytime one of my stem plants gets uprooted and is just floating at the top I cringe. Oh the fun of replanting stem plants in a tall tank while accidentally uprooting others lol

I was looking for a standard 4 foot 75 gallon I bought a 78 gallon deep cheap. The cons it really deep comes to my shirt sleeve to reach the bottom. Not well suited to fancy goldies they need the swimming space. But all in all no problems with the tank or the stand

Have one set up now. – I have it in a corner so its able to straddle the most floor joists. We added extra support under the floor also (old house). It’s a lot of weight in a small foot print.

Need long arms to get to the bottom or your getting soaked.

Make sure you’ve got good water exchange/ movement at the bottom.

I did have that as a concern, not having water flow at the bottom. But I figured I have a tidal 75 that would be going on this with a sponge filter and one of those circulation fans.

Like other said, poor fish distribution is my biggest issue. You’ll end up with a bunch of fish near the bottom with an empty top half, unless you get top dwelling species.

I’ve got the baby brother of this, a 15 tall. I honestly love it, got some Vallisneria and Pearlweed that fills out the hight, and the clan of platys and mollies that live there go at all heights. Less room for schooling fish to show off though, if that’s a concern.

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