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20 Gallon Hexagon Tall Mayan Theme Tank so all the fish that will be put in are tiger stripes or leopard print. Any suggestions? For sure Tiger Barb will be put in

That might not be a whole lot of room for tiger barbs. They get really big and to have a decent social order you need a pretty good school of them. The tank is tall so they won’t have all that much room to spread out and they are really active. It’s possible you could make it work, but you should have a plan for when they start to grow out.

I will say if you want striped fish, a big group of clown killifish would look awesome. They’ll stick pretty high in the tank, so you could add something like emerald dwarf rasboras or kuhli loaches in for the mid to lower areas in the tank.

I would plan a much larger tank in the very near future if you’re planning clown loaches, the get 12+ inches, and they like to swim. I think they need at least a 6 foot tank to be truly happy

Omg please no. Clownloaches grow to 30cm and tiger barbs are extremely active and quite big fish as well

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