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Will fish poop completely decompose over time or is it better to try and clean it all?

My water params are fine, I’m just wondering if it’s worth it to put all the effort into cleaning the poop. Preferably I’d like to let it decompose, if that’s even possible.

i would clean it. it’ll get smelly eventually lol. i use a siphon it’s super easy- takes like 10 mins

Thanks! Just haven’t had the time to pick up a vac yet. Will get it soon!

Poop will make your water nasty over time and it starts to smell, think of those nasty musty ponds- thats what your whole house will smell like if youre not cleaning the poop weekly or more

Try to clean what you can, but it’s not a problem if some gets left behind. It will decompose into nutrients for plants through substrate bacteria. Too much poop will give ammonia spikes which can lead to localized algae issues.

It will completely decompose but takes long time for bacteria to break it all down.

Good way to reproduce more bacteria but might cause ammonia spike if your tank doesn’t have enough bacteria to keep the ammonia constantly at about zero ppm yet.

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